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Kundli Matching or Horoscope matching is the first step of every marriage. Finding the perfect partner, having the perfect marriage, and having a perfect life are aspirations that all of us have wished for ourselves and our loved ones! Two people tie a knot for life, and marriage is no joke. It’s the start of another life, another journey, with new roads and too many obstacles. 

Finding the one right person who is your perfect match by yourself is impossible. In a population of billions, where every person has their own opinions and energies, knowing them in and out in the very first meeting and making a life-changing decision doesn’t make sense to anyone, right?

Even in the case of a love marriage, people have a misconception that getting your Kundli checked will hinder your marriage. Is it so? Keep reading and you’ll know if this is true or not.



Kundali Milan also known as gun Milan / matchmaking/ horoscope matching has been considered an integral and sacred part of marriage. It is required to know how deeply two people are ideal or not according to the Vedic study, whether it’s a love or arranged marriage. 

Gun Milan is done based on the position of the moon in the natal/birth chart of both the people getting married. Gun Milan popularly known as “Ashtakoot Milan” in North India represents the eight aspects of Gunas. 

Ashtakoot Milan stands for “Ashta” meaning “Eight” and “Koota” meaning “Aspects”. The eight aspects have a specific number on Guna Milans to it, each with a different set of points. These eight aspects in detail are:

1. Varna: It is related to how well you two develop understanding on deeper levels, and instead not try to change each other, shows spiritual compatibility. It consists of four divisions Brahmins (Highest), Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra (Lowest). 

Points of Guna: 1

2. Vasya/ Vashya: It controls the equation between the two people, classified into 5 categories: Manav (humans), Jalchar (sea animals), Vanchar (wild animals), Chatushpad (small animals), Keeta (insects).

Points of Guna: 2

3. Tara: It is related to the birth star(tara) compatibility of the two people. There are 27 birth stars in total. 

Points of Guna: 3

4. Yoni: It is associated with the love compatibility and mutual love of the partners.

Points of Guna: 4

5. GrahaMaitri: It represents the mental compatibility and also the understanding of the moon sign capability. 

Points of Guna: 5

6. Gana: It is related to the behavior, nature, and attitude of two individuals towards each other. These are divided into Deva (god), Manav (human), and Rakshasa (demon). 

Points of Guna: 6

7. Rashi: It is associated with emotional compatibility and is denoted by the position of the moon in different houses of both the boy and girl.

Points of Guna: 7

8. Nadi: It is related to the health history of the bride and groom. Three categories under the NadiKoot are Vata, Pita, and Kappa. 

Points of Guna: 8


The total Gun matching points are hence 36 points. The more matching points you have with your partner, the more ideal the marriage is said to be.

If the common Gun between the bride and groom is lesser than 18 then the marriage is not ideal/acceptable.

Anywhere between 18-24 is average and acceptable. If the guna Milan is more than 24 and lies somewhere between 24-32, then the marriage is considered to be successful. 

And the perfect match for a successful marriage is denoted somewhere between 34-36 gun Milan points. 

By now the importance of Gun Milan is clear. We also know how important is Kundli Milan for a successful marriage for the future of both the boy and girl.

MyAstroguruji brings you the Kundli Milan online software that helps you find your perfect match at the click of a button. We are offering free of cost, numerous hassle-free services such as the number of guna matching, their compatibility, and a lot more. If you wish to know more about your Kundli Milan, then you need not go anywhere else because we have experienced astrologers who can guide you and answer all your questions. 


Some frequently asked questions are as follows:

How many gunas should match for a successful marriage?

More the points, the better the match. More than 18 guna match is considered okay to get married. Points lesser than 18 gunas aren’t ideal for marriage.


Is online horoscope matching accurate?

Yes, absolutely. It is the same and you get the same results.


Can I marry if my Kundli doesn’t match my partner?

The answer is simple, yes. You can get married but first, you need to contact a trained professional astrologer and understand the future consequences of getting married, especially for people who have a case of love marriage. Knowing this before handily helps you work on them from today for the upcoming tomorrow.


How can I avail the MyAstroguruji service?

This designed software is free of cost, without any hidden charges, You can avail from our website or download our app from the play store/ apple store. After you have downloaded the app, you see a ‘Horscope Matching’ option. Click on the same, enter your details, and you are done!