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What is a Kundli?

In astrology, Kundli is a birth chart of your life calculated to know everything that is happening in your life. Kundli is made keeping in mind the planetary positions from the day you were born. Not only that, it gives you a deep insight into your future happenings and also tells you about your past. It should be checked by a practicing astrologer, someone who has years of experience. 

An astrologer can do the best analysis because it needs years of practice to be accurate and precise about the predictions, he/she is going to make. Astrology requires a deep study of the horoscope and nine planets from a complete 360 degree. And, even after you’ve studied astrology you should only get it checked with somebody who has gained knowledge over years. 

If you take your birth chart to any astrologer and they start to predict, quite often they will predict in a very generic sense, for example, they will tell you that your work life is complicated or your health is not well these days. These are statements that come out to be true in most cases, but predictions help you resolve deeper problems with the remedies. That is one analysis that differentiates a professional astrologist from the others.

Getting your Kundli checked helps you resolve not only the present situations. But, also warns you from future mishappenings before time. With the guidance of the correct astrologer, you can know what’s going to happen next and work on it from today. There are chances if you follow everything properly, you can avoid hardships and live a happier life. Sounds unreal? But it is actually true!

Unlike earlier times, preparing a Kundli isn’t a tough job now. Online Kundli is a quicker way. You just need to put the right information asked by the software and you’ll have it in your hands within a minute! JanamKundli made with the help of computer software is accurate. With changing times, some astrologers also use the digital means of Kundli. Kundli is important from the time a child is born to the peak time of their career, and even at the time of marriage too. The significance of checking it at every important stage of life is considered necessary. 

Online free Kundli for future predictions. The world has evolved and the kids have been doing school online. The yoga classes are held online, the dance workshops are easily online and you can get fit doing gym online too. So, why not online Kundli, that too for free?

We as MyAstroguruji have a free online Kundli calculator that is easily accessible and saves a lot of time and energy. Through this technology, we wanted to make sure that everybody, the rich and the poor all can have their Kundli in their hands. You need not charge for anything. All you have to do is fill in the correct details, like your date of birth and that’s it, you’re done! An illiterate can also get it done easily with the help of someone. 

Getting your Kundli made by a Vedic Astrologer is preferable, but calculating online is also accurate. This software tells you what’s written in your Kundli, but for personal help, we also provide top-notch Astrologers. The Kundli calculator just calculates it for you, but to know in-depth about the good luck that is coming your way, or the hurdles you need to cross, you have to consult a promising Astrologer (who is available with us 24*7). That isn’t free and you need to book an appointment to get in touch with our team of astrologists.


What is Dasha in Kundli analysis?

Dasha meaning ‘circumstances’ or ‘state’ or ‘period of life’ indicates the planetary periods. For a total of 9 planets, Dasha indicates the ruling planet at a certain point in our life. It indicates the good or bad phases of a person’s lifetime.

If the planet is in the most powerful space, gives prosperity, health, wealth, and all the good things it is known as the “POORNA DASHA”. If the planet is in a powerless state, it is known as the “RIKTA DASHA”.


What is Dasamsa or D10 Chart in Kundli reading?

Kundli is made by carefully studying the astrological predictions made from our birth horoscope. Making 10 equal divisions of the Kundli makes the Dasamsa or D10 chart. The 10th division of the zodiac sign contributes to looking into your professional life and helping with the same in detail. These focus to make your career path smoother by identifying the challenges before time.


How to know Mahadasha in Kundli?

Mahadasha also known as the “Mahadasha of a certain planet” is a period in the Vedic Astrology that is controlled by a certain planet. It is determined by the position of the natal Moon in your birth chart. Each planet is associated with 3 Nakshatras which makes the count a total of 27 for all the nine planets. So, the mahadasha of any planet in a particular Nakshatra depends on the placement of the moon.


What are Yogas in Kundli reading?

Yoga is associated with a positive impact on one's birth chart. The positive influence can be auspicious or inauspicious. The inauspicious impact in your Kundli is called ‘Dosha’ and can adversely affect your life leaving a negative air to it.


FAQ’S On Kundli Charts

What is a Kundli?

A Kundli is a blueprint of every human who is born on earth derived from the calculations of their planetary positions at the time of their birth. The Kundli of each native helps to predict what the future has in store for them. It is important to have the exact birth details of each individual who wants to access their Kundli including time of birth and place of birth. A Kundli chart of any native can only be read correctly by an expert astrologer. 


Why you cannot read your Kundli yourself?

Astrology is a deep science that can be read only by the learned and expert astrologers in this field. It is a deep study of nine planets and where they were placed at the time of birth of an individual. An astrologer reads the Kundli looking at it from 360 degrees. If we have not learned astrology in detail, we cannot read our Kundli chart by ourselves. 


Whose help can I take to read my chart?

You can take out the printout and show it to any experienced astrologer or you can take the help of astrologers available on our portal. They will guide you with the perfect readings. 

Is the Kundli chart made by the astrologer better than the one made in software?

The physical Kundli made by the expert astrologers is the best but the Kundli that is derived from the software is accurate. Time is moving ahead in technology and so is our astrology. In the current times, almost all astrologers use the software to get a Kundli chart. 


How can you access your free Kundli on MyAstroguruji? 

It is extremely easy for you to access your free Kundli from our website. You just need to click on the Free Kundli tab and insert your correct birth details there. By submitting the details, you will get your free birth charts right on your screen within seconds.


How can I understand the astrological language of the Kundli?

The Kundli grid is for the study of an astrologer and not something that any individual can understand. But the horoscope predictions that would be given to you will be in a very simple language. Only an expert astrologer knows how to decode its language into simple form and present it to you. 


How can we make out if the Kundli chart given by the software is correct?

Just cross-check your birth details once. If they are fine your chart will be accurate. 


Can I take as many free Kundli's as I want?

Yes! You can take out as many as you wish to.