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Want to know what the upcoming week looks like? My Astroguruji’s weekly astro horoscope is here to your rescue. It works on the basis that with a change in dates, one’s fate also changes and this is because the stars and the universe hold something great and new for you every day that impacts your tomorrow. The changes in one’s fate can be on the basis of the shift of Vedic planets, the Moon and the Sun. All the planets play a significant role in changing what’s going to happen in the next week of your life. It not only shifts from one zodiac sign to another, but a significant shift takes place from one house of your Kundli to another. Hence making you well prepared for the uncertainties through the best suggestions and guidance through horoscope weekly in hindi by our expert Astrologers.  

Let’s understand the movement of the planet and its influence with an example. The Sun transits in various houses of your Kundli. The 12 houses denote various traits like Relationships, Career, Travel, Love, Money, etc. Now, when the Sun is in the second house which is called the house of possessions, money, or finance, you will see financial stability and financial gains. If planets like Rahu and Ketu occupy the 2nd house, you may experience the exact opposite. An unstable financial condition leads to many blockages, leading to a gradual downfall in financial stability. 

Hence, saptahik rashifal in hindi or a weekly horoscope apart from giving you an insight into the good and bad of astrology weekly also brings you tips and tricks that you can consider to make your life more better and successful.


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