Why Women's Safety Becomes a Matter of Huge Outcry on Social Media? How Kundli Matchmaking Can Help!

 Why Women's Safety Becomes a Matter of Huge Outcry on Social Media? How Kundli Matchmaking Can Help!

Its most recent Holi advertising is what has caused Bharat Matrimony to become a subject of discussion on social media. What caused the widespread outrage on social media?  Interestingly, Holi celebrations and International Women's Day fell on the same day. And in the same view, Bharat Matrimony has posted a video in which their advertisement focused on issues related to women's safety during the Holi celebration.
Hence, making a huge outcry for posting the ad video on Twitter.

Why matter of discussion? 
On March 7, Bharat Matrimony published a video on its official Twitter account. When playing the video, a woman emerges. Her face is covered in the Holi color. This lady cleans her face. After the pigment has been removed, numerous areas of the woman's face exhibit signs of injury. Hence, the video concludes with the message, "This Women's Day let's choose to celebrate Holi in a way that is safe and inclusive for women."

While the caption of the video reads, “Many women have stopped celebrating Holi because of the trauma they have suffered through harassment. Check out this video that clearly brings it to life. This Holi, celebrate Women's Day and choose to keep women safe every day."
 #BeChoosy #Holi #Holi2023 #WomensDay."

Social media users are accusing Bharat Matrimony of bias and playing with Hindus' emotions in relation to this advertisement. Bharat Matrimony has been accused of being anti-Hindu by certain users, and others have questioned why Hindu festivals are constantly called out for criticism.

People raised questions on the matrimonial website
On Twitter, some users are promoting the Boycott Bharat Matrimonial trend while others are using the Hinduphobic hashtag. While the other furious user stated, “Wow, and on other festivals, you wish people and Hindu festivals like Holi you are misogynists.” Tagging the Ministry of Women and Child Development and Union Minister Smriti Irani. 

Caption altered later 
The caption was later changed to, “This Women's Day & Holi, let's celebrate by creating safer and more inclusive spaces for women. It's important to acknowledge the challenges that women face in public spaces and create a society that truly respects their well-being - today & forever.”

Why a huge outcry on social media?  
The matter of fact is that the content head who made this advertisement is a Muslim, the name is Ali Haider Amir. Because of this, the protest has increased even more. People are asking Ali Haider questions about Nikah, Mutah Nikah, Halala, Talaq, and the deaths of Muslim women in Iran. People are saying that never raise your voice even against the harassment of Muslim women.

Why do we recommend Kundli matchmaking for safer marriage? 
Safety should be the foremost factor in everything we do and perform. Especially when we talk about women’s safety it even becomes more delicate. This is the only reason why parents consider this safety factor even before their children’s marriage. 

Similarly, in Astrology keeping in view the factor of safety for a happy, safer, and healthy marriage our experts highly recommend Kundli matchmaking for a blissful married life. What else does one want a life full of security, fighting resistance, and holding great love and beautiful mutual understanding? Which can ultimately be achieved by considering matchmaking before marriage.  
The Way Forward 
Thus, for any life-related problems may it be a relationship, marriage, love, career, finances, children, studies, jobs, business, and the list goes on one should definitely consider some safety measures before opting for any work. Because it is convenient to stay safer than to be trolled in any phase of life.   
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