Why is International Labour Day Observed? Understand The Significance And 2023 Theme

 Why is International Labour Day Observed? Understand The Significance And 2023 Theme

Labour Day is celebrated every year on May 1 all over the world. The working class is the base of every society, every economy. All economic work can be completed by them only. Whether it is development work, factory industry, construction of residential houses or roads, or services of daily life, we depend on labor for many of our needs.  
This is the reason why every year 1st May is dedicated to the laborers. On this day, not only are they honored and thanked, but their voices are also raised for their rights. But they have not got this one day fixed for the laborers so easily, you will see the splatter of their blood in its history. Know in detail about the history and importance of Labor Day.   

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Why is Labor Day celebrated only in May? 
In the year 1886, workers from all over the country took to the streets in America. All the workers were strongly protesting against the poor working conditions and 15-15 hours a day. Also, getting a very low income was adding to their problems. On May 1, police opened fire on protesting workers to quell these protests, killing hundreds of workers and injuring many more.

Three years after this, the International Socialist Conference took place in 1989, in which the working hours of the workers were reduced to 8 hours. Along with this, a resolution was passed to observe May 1 as Labor Day in honor of the labor movement in America. Later on, working hours were reduced and working conditions were improved in many countries of the world.

Since when did Labor Day observe in India? 
After the International Society Conference, Labor Day was celebrated in America and some other countries since 1889. But in India, the celebration of Labor Day started in 1923 in Chennai. May Day was celebrated on 1 May 1923 under the chairmanship of the Labor Kisan Party of Hindustan. After this, in a few years, this day was celebrated across the country with the efforts of the Labor Party, leftist and socialist organizations.

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What is special on Labor Day?
Workers' movements have been very important in our socio-political history. Their struggles brought major changes not only in the economy but also in the society. Their struggles are remembered on the occasion of Labor Day. On this day many organizations and firms give a day off to their workers. Many social organizations organize programs to make them aware of the rights of workers. At the same time, on this day many organizations and governments also honor the workers for their continuous hard work.

How do our labor, work, and deeds become our Karma? 
The work, our actions, our labor, and deeds represent our karma or the Karmic deeds that we do in our past, present, and future journeys of life. It as a whole becomes our Karma. Similarly, relating to the simplest point is that Karmic Astrology is an understanding of your soul's journey through the lifetimes. The most interesting fact is the planet Saturn is the judge of our karma in our lives, both past and present. Everything you do in this life and all previous lives adds up to your karma, which is then returned to you as a reward or a punishment. 

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International Labour Day 2023  Theme
Every year, International Workers' Day, also known as May Day, honors the labor force and the working class for their contributions to society and the economy. The theme of International Labour Day in 2023 is World Day for "Safety and Health" at Work. The International Labour Organisation declared this day as a yearly global awareness-raising initiative on the significance of workplace safety and health.

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