Why is Good Friday Celebrated? What is Holy Week And Its Importance?

 Why is Good Friday Celebrated? What is Holy Week And Its Importance?

Good Friday will be celebrated on 7 April 2023. People of the Christian community celebrate this festival in the memory of Lord Jesus. This festival is also remembered as the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus. It is celebrated as mourning and sacrifice day. Every year, Good Friday, the main festival of the Christian community, falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day special prayer meetings are held in the church, and sermons of the Bible are read. 
There are a few things that should not be done on this day. Let us know why Good Friday is celebrated and what to do and what not to do on this day. 

Good Friday 2023: Shubh Holy Week Schedule and Importance 
Palm Sunday – April 2
Holy Thursday – April 6
Good Friday – April 7
Holy Saturday – April 8
Easter Sunday – April 9

Holy Week generally, commemorates Jesus' last days and crucifixion. And this pious week leads up to the celebration of Easter Sunday – the day Christians celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. Holy week is a great and high time to recommit to prayer and draw closer to God.
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Why Good Friday is celebrated? 
This day is also known as Holy Day, Black Friday, and Great Friday. According to the Bible, on this day for the welfare of mankind, the Lord of Christians and the one who gave the message of love, knowledge, and non-violence, Jesus Christ had sacrificed himself laughingly. The Jewish rulers gave all the physical and mental torture to Jesus Christ and then crucified him, that day was Friday. 

That's why people of Christianity celebrate this Friday as 'Good Friday'. It is said that the place where Lord Jesus was crucified is named Golgotha. It is believed that Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after the crucifixion, that day was Sunday. In remembrance of the same, this day is hence celebrated as Easter Sunday all over the world.

How is Good Friday celebrated?
Preparations start 40 days before Good Friday. People in Christianity keep fast for 40 days while some people keep fast only on Fridays, it is called Lent. On Good Friday, followers of Christianity cover the decorations in churches and homes with cloth. Mourning is done by wearing black clothes in the church and seeking forgiveness from the Lord Jesus for their sins. A special explanation is given to the last seven sentences of Jesus Christ.

What to avoid on Good Friday? (Good Friday Rules)
Bells have special importance in the festival of Christianity, they celebrate the festival by ringing the bell on the occasion of happiness but since Good Friday has been remembered as the sacrifice day of Jesus. This is the day of atonement and prayer, so bells are not rung in the church on this day.

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Religious Significance of Good Friday
Jesus Christ is considered the son of God. Some people also call him by the name of Jesus. People who believe in Christianity listen to his sermons on Good Friday and remember his sacrifice. Jesus Christ had sacrificed his whole life for the betterment of society. People respected Jesus, who always did well for everyone. Because of this jealousy, he was tortured after which he was crucified. According to Christian scriptures, on Good Friday, Jesus Christ sacrificed his life. That day was Friday and the festival of Good Friday is celebrated in his memory.

It is believed that Jesus Christ was resurrected three days after his death and that day was a Sunday, since then that Sunday has been called Easter Sunday. People across the world celebrate this festival to honor his crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Sunday. 

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