Why Holika Dahan is a Holy Festival? Know How to Escape Bad Rahu’s Effects on This Day

 Why Holika Dahan is a Holy Festival? Know How to Escape Bad Rahu’s Effects on This Day

The festival of Holika Dahan is celebrated every year on the full moon of Phalgun month. Bhadra Kaal is definitely seen on Holika Dahan. It is believed that it is best to celebrate Holika Dahan Bhadra without a full moon. This time Holika Dahan is being auspicious in many ways. Holika Dahan is also known as Chhoti Holi. After sunset, when the full moon tithi starts at the time of Pradosh, Holika Dahan is observed at the same time. Holika Dahan is considered auspicious for Holika Dahan on Bhadra, Pradosh Vyapini, and Purnima Tithi. 

Apart from this, the Astrologer's experts say that 8 planets are hostile in nature during  Holashtak. This period is observed from 27 February to 7 March. Generally, doing any auspicious work is prohibited during this period. The shadow planet Rahu remains in its aggressive nature but there are some effective astrological measures to calm the aggressive Rahu during this Holika Dahan. So read the whole article to know the several ill effects of Rahu and how to overcome them.
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Holika Dahan 2023 Auspicious Date and Time
The Holika Dahan festival will be observed on March 7. The list of Shubh Muhurat times is below:
Holika Dahan 09:06 p.m. to 10:16 p.m.
Punchha Bhadra 9:06 p.m. to 10:16 p.m.
The Bhadra Mukha Time: March 8, 2022, 10:16 p.m. until 12:13 a.m.
Purnima Tithi (Begin): March 7, 2022, at 12:30 p.m.
Purnima Tithi (Ends): on March 8, 2022, at 12:47 PM

Significance of Holika Dahan  
The celebrations of Holi and Holika Dahan celebrate the victory of good over evil. Holi also marks the beginning of the spring season. The Holika Dahan celebration honors the burning of Holika, a demonic being who was Hiranyakashyap's sister, with the help of Lord Vishnu. A bonfire is built on this occasion to represent the burning of Holika and the ensuing win of good over evil. In some parts of India, this event is also known as "Holika" or "Kamudu Pyre." The Holika Dahan ceremony is held prior to Holi and is an important part of the Holi festival.

What to keep in mind during Holik Dahan?  
According to astrology, if the negative powers of Holika Dahan are seated in the house, then the person suffers financial and physical damage. There will be waves of tension in the house. Holika Dahan should not be performed in  Bhadra Mukha, it should only be practiced and performed during the Pradosh period itself, in the evening on Phalgun Purnima. if Bhadra is influenced by dusky or sunset time, then Holika should not be burnt, otherwise, the family including the seeker may have to face severe trouble.

Influence of Rahu planet
1. Due to bad Rahu, a person starts stealing and gets caught in a bad association.
2. Due to the influence of bad Rahu, a person starts misbehaving and involve in activities such as gambling, alcohol, and adultery.
3. Bad Rahu makes a person wrong and as a result, relationships deteriorate and are led by arguments.
4. A person can have skin disease due to bad Rahu.
5. As a result you may have to travel unnecessarily.
6. A person may experience mental illness or get depressed as a result of bad Rahu.

Astrological Remedies for bad Rahu
1. The easiest way to calm the fiery Rahu is to worship Lord Shiva. Anoint Shiva with water on Monday and Saturday. Om Nam: Chant the Shivaay Mantra. Rahu will calm down by Shiva's grace.
2. To calm Rahu, one should chant the mantra Om Bhr Bhri Bhrun: Rahway Namah. 
3. Offer water to the Peepal tree after bathing in the morning. In the evening, light a lamp of ghee under the peepal tree. This helps to calm Rahu.
4. You can wear an onyx gem to remove the side effects of Rahu.
5. You can also practice and observe fast on Saturday. 18 fasts have to be kept on Saturday.

For more information and effective practices for reducing the malefic effects of planets must consult online astrologers.     

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