Why February-Born Aquarians Are Super Special?

 Why February-Born Aquarians Are Super Special?

The season of Aquarius arrives just as the epoch of success-savvy Capricorns is about to end. Typically it lasts from January 20 to February 18. In the Zodiac wheel, Aquarius is the 11th astrological zodiac sign. Something interesting is when we split the word “Aquarius” into Latin aqua, it simply means Water but in Astrology, it falls under the Air element sign, isn't it tricky? Now besides jokes, let's poke your personality cards. So when you are born in the special month of February you celebrate your birthday as a great humanitarian and Obstinate on the other hand. 

Other Air zodiacs like Gemini and Libra are known for their intellect and gregarious nature. Still, you are the only one known for the best humanitarian and creative zodiacs out of all. Why is that so? Specifically says our Myastroguruji experts. Just explore it all here. 

February Aquarians Are Super Social

A thorough analysis by our experts states that Aquarius is the sign associated with friendship! However, compared to the normal water bearer, February Aquarians tend to be more social, extrovert, and partnership-focused because they are typically co-ruled by either the communication planet Mercury or the relationship planet Venus in the horoscope. 

A Scientific Report on Air sign 

According to a study from Harvard— Which states if a baby born in February increases their chances of being taller and stronger than babies born in other months. Researchers determined that this was still true at age seven, however, there were some disagreements on whether this persisted into adulthood. Scientists believe that mothers' increased eating during the winter months is what caused February newborns to be heavier at birth. Other than this, it has also been discovered that winter babies are generally good at intelligence tests. Dear Aquarians, it's like the icing on the cake for you.    

Love life and compatibility 

The Aquarians have a really difficult time with love because they feel uneasy about emotional commitments. They believe that falling in love could limit their freedom and that a partnership could never cage an Aquarian's free spirit. However, they will be amazing lovers who are incredibly devoted and liberal to their partners if they believe they have met a mate who appreciates their freedom.

Even though they may socialize widely, relatively few people truly matter to Aquarians. They select their friends carefully and only select those who fit into their small group of friends. Being friends with an Aquarian is a blessing since they are devoted to their loved ones and are always there for them.

What does having an Aquarius sun sign reveal about you

Similar to other signs, the Aquarius zodiac sign has both positive and negative characteristics and traits. Let's begin with the good. Here are some wonderful adjectives that best describe this Air sign. 

Humanitarian: Aquarians are the most humanitarian among all zodiacs. They have a strong desire to uplift the welfare of others. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many well-known humanitarians, like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Susan B. Anthony, are Aquarians.

Extrovert: Aquarius people aren't wimps, as long as you know them. They are dedicated to upholding moral principles and aren't hesitant to express their thoughts, whether or not others agree with them.

Open-minded: Nobody is going to instruct an Aquarius on what to think or do. Aquarius enjoys following their own path and considering all sides of a situation or problem.

Confident: People born in February are fortunate to be confident in who they are and what they want out of life. While they are receptive to others' opinions, they are persistent in their opinions and don't break under pressure.

Creative: Aquarians enjoy discovering new places and making new things because they are inquisitive, creative, and adventure-loving. A few famously creative Aquarians include Virginia Woolf, Toni Morrison, and Garth Brooks.

Even Aquarians are not perfect.

As for the most difficult traits of an Aquarius, they frequently consist of the following:

Obstinate: The determination of one individual may seem downright stubborn to another. Sometimes Aquarians can be so rigid in their ways that it can be annoying to the other person. 

Uncommunicative: Those who don't know an Aquarian well could find all of their assurance and independence to be distant. Although most Aquarians are not introverts and have a large social network, they don't mind being alone.

Unpredictable: Although Aquarians keep things interesting, their strong spirit of adventure and need for stimulation can make them volatile and possibly unpredictable with such potential emphasis.

Impulsive: Aquarians have an instinctive way of acting. Sometimes that works, but in many situations, a little extra consideration beforehand could be beneficial.

Detached: When it comes to expressing their feelings, Aquarians tend to be less emotional and more objective. But it doesn't imply they don't care; you just might need a little more time to get to know them and their kind-heartedness.

Dear Aquarians, to know more about your personality and characteristics just connect with our right fact-pronouncement Jyotish acharya and can also opt to talk to astrologer online anytime.  


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