Why Dreaming About God-Goddess is Very Special? Is Success Ultimate?

 Why Dreaming About God-Goddess is Very Special? Is Success Ultimate?

In the auspicious week of Navratri, how can we refrain from talking about worshipping our goddess and connecting ourselves more deeply to spiritual offerings? In such a situation, let's discuss the auspiciousness of Dreaming of God-Goddess. Dreaming Frequently indicates that you are pleased and happy with your life. Another way to interpret this dream is that it shows you to be a merciful and caring person. Read on further to know how lucky and fortunate you are dreaming about various god-goddess. 
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Dreaming of Lord Shriram
If Lord Rama appears in your dream, it is considered auspicious in Hinduism. Lord Ram is a representative, who is considered a symbol of truth and justice, and the person can get more success and prosperity when Ram ji appears in the dream. Also, this dream can also indicate that all the wishes of the native are about to be fulfilled and auspicious changes are going to happen in the feelings and fortune of the native. However, the meaning of dreams can vary depending on the situation, context, and experience of the person.

Dreaming of  Lord Hanuman
Hanuman ji is considered to be the biggest and true devotee of Lord Shriram. Along with this, he is referred to as Sankatmochan, who ends all the problems or takes them away. However, different forms of Hanuman ji in dreams are indicative of different results. For example, if Hanuman appears in a huge form in a person's dream, it means that Lord Hanuman has come to protect you and you will win over all your enemies.

On the other hand, if Hanuman ji is seen sleeping in the dream of the native, it means that the native has been blessed with health. If Hanuman ji is seen smiling in your dream, it means that all your wishes will be fulfilled soon.

Dreaming of Goddess Durga
In Hinduism, Maa Durga is considered the goddess of power. In such a situation, if a person sees Maa Durga smiling in his dream wearing red clothes, then the person can get rid of any chronic disease in life, or the health of a member of your household can improve. The one you always worry about. Seeing Goddess Durga in a dream is also considered a sign of a new job or progress.

Dreaming of Vishnu ji
Lord Vishnu is considered the maintainer of the whole world. Along with this, he is also the operator of the universe and the goddess of wealth herself i.e. Mata Lakshmi is his better half. If a person sees Lord Vishnu in his dream, then that person is going to be lucky. Such a person can get wealth, and prosperity and all the troubles of his life go away.

Dreaming of  Lord Ganesha
Ganesh ji is considered to be of great importance in Sanatan Dharma. Ganesh ji is worshiped before starting any auspicious work for its successful completion. Also, Ganesha is called Vighnaharta, which means Vighna, that is, the God who takes away difficulties or troubles.

If Ganesha appears in a person's dream, it means that good days are about to begin for that person soon. Apart from this, this dream is also considered a sign of a happy married life. Along with this, it also means that soon some kind of auspicious work can happen in the native's house. Seeing Gods and Goddesses in the dreams of a person is a sign of a happy life, which God wants to give you by appearing in your dreams.

Dreaming of  Shivling
Shiv ji is called Mahadev, it means God of Gods. Along with this, Shiv ji has got the status of destroyer among the Tridevs. A Shivling in a person's dream is a portent of good fortune in the future. It implies that the native's enemies will all be vanquished. Everyone who has bad intentions for you won't be able to be successful in their endeavors.

Dreaming of  Goddess Saraswati
If you see Saraswati Mata in your dream, then it is a sign that you will get success soon. The coming of Gods and Goddesses in the dream of a person is also considered a symbol of the end of his sufferings and the beginning of a new tomorrow.

Dreaming of  Lord Shri Krishna
If you see Lord Krishna in your dream, it means that all of your troubles will soon pass and that you'll achieve success sooner in life. Also, this dream is a sign that God is with you. It is regarded as a good omen when gods and goddesses show up in someone's dreams.

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