Which Vastu Plants Are Lucky For Your Zodiac Sign?  

 Which Vastu Plants Are Lucky For Your Zodiac Sign?  

Plants, trees, and greenery attract every human being and most of us follow it as a hobby. Lush green plants not only look good and peaceful to the eyes and relaxing to the mind but are also considered a boon for life and are not only associated with your health but also known for good luck! According to our Vastu experts just as all kinds of gems are worn by law and order to remove all kinds of malefic planetary influence and doshas in your Birth chart, in the same way, the trees and plants related to the 9 planets are worshiped. 

In Vastu Shastra or Science, it is believed that some plants are the sources of positive energy that bring happiness, prosperity as well as wealth to the home. If you plant trees and some auspicious plants as per your Zodiac sign, it will not only help you to get rid of malefic planetary influences in your Kundli or yearly horoscope by date of birth but will also keep all kinds of happiness and good fortune intact. 

So, now before knowing the plant's benefits in terms of bringing prosperity, positivity, wealth and happiness let's know about Vastu Shastra and how the placement of various auspicious plants in the house influences our lives. What is Vaastu Shastra? Simply put, it is the right art of placing anything materialistic thing through which a balance between negative & positive energies in the structure is maintained. Hence, refer to it as the “science of direction or architecture.”

Therefore, this blog is completely focused on the right placement of different auspicious plants indoors as per your Zodiac Signs in order to dissolve good vibes and promote prosperity, positivity, and good health in the house. You can also consult your online Kundli in Hindi for more precise suggestions from Vedic experts. Let's know the various lucky plants based on your zodiac signs— 

1.    Aries, whose ruling planet is Mars, should always prefer planting red flowering plants to get auspicious results. Apart from this, the lucky Vastu plants for Aries bring home happiness, prosperity, and good luck can be red sandalwood, amla, sycamore, etc. 

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2.    According to astrology, the planetary lord of Taurus is Venus. So, to get the auspiciousness of its zodiac sign, plants with white flowers should be planted. Apart from this, by planting Jamun, Gular, or Khair plants, the native of Taurus grows financially and economically and will experience all happiness, and wealth.

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3.    Mercury is the lord of Gemini. The folks of this zodiac are suggested to plant trees with green leaves. By planting Tulsi, rosewood, and bamboo trees, the natives of Gemini get desired success and are meant to attract good luck in life.

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4.    The Zodiac of Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon. If you are the one so you should be planting some medicinal plants like Tulsi, Neem, etc. They are meant to be auspicious around and attract positive vibes and energies. Besides planting bamboo, peepal, or snake-saffron tree proves auspicious for this zodiac sign.

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5.    The lord of Leo's zodiac sign is the Sun itself, the king of all planets in Astrology. So, to get the auspiciousness of their zodiac lord, the people of this zodiac should plant trees with red colored flowers. Along with this, they should also plant snake-saffron, banyan, and dhak trees.

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6.    The lord of Virgo is Mercury. So you should prefer planting green-colored plants, especially those that do not develop into fruits and flowers. Similarly, as Gemini, the Virgos get auspicious karmic fruits by planting basil, rosewood, and bamboo trees. Planting trees like Dhak, Pakad, or Reetha by the Virgo sign increases wealth and grains.

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7.    The Libra belongs to the Air sign whose ruling planet is Venus. All the captivating fragrance plants and all those bear white flowers suit these natives the most that bring about auspiciousness and luck home. They should plant plants of white flowers such as Reetha, Bael, or Arjuna plants or Daisy, Spinach is more charming and appealing. 

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8.    Scorpio is the water sign known to be ruled by two planets—- Mars and Pluto. The mesmerizing charm of scorpions cannot be taken for granted so as a result, such natives should plant Arjuna, Molashree, Aloe Vera, pennyroyal, chives, mushroom, peppers, mustard, radish, rhododendron, etc. And don't forget to even donate them.     

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9.    Okey now here comes the Fire sign— Sagittarius, these adventurous and vibrant people are ruled by the fortune-deciding and the natural to get the blessings of the planet Jupiter, the Sagittarians should prefer planting trees like Molashree, Chir, and Salal and tomato, mint proves auspicious and luck fetching.

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10.    Capricorn is an Earth sign and is ruled by the planet Saturn or Shani Dev. Though, Capricorns are known to be ambitious, conservative, determined, practical, and helpful. In such a situation, to make Lord Shani stronger and seek his blessings the Capricorn natives should especially plant plants with blue flowers like the Shami tree. Along with this, planting Sal, Jackfruit, or Jalvatus plant in the backyard of your house also proves auspicious and luck-giving. 

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11.    Aquarius is an Air sign and its planetary ruler is Uranus. It is believed that plants that help in relaxing the mind and promoting good blood circulation are lucky for Aquarians like chamomile, passionflower, and Aloe vera. Or you can also plant blue flowering plants like the Shami tree etc. for best results.     

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12.    Pisces the last sign of the Zodiac is ruled by the two planetary lords Neptune and Jupiter. According to Vastu science, the people of Pisces should plant plants having yellow-colored flowers or fruits like mango. And the plants with antibacterial effects are the luckiest for these people. mushroom, water lily, beet, tomato, jasmine, wisteria, goldenseal, and eyebright are a few lucky plants for this water sign.

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Follow more Vastu tips by having a free call with astrologer and know various aspects of Vastu science that help to keep positive energies intact in your home and bring good Luck! 


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