Which Planetary Position in Your Horoscope Can Make You a Superstar?

 Which Planetary Position in Your Horoscope Can Make You a Superstar?

Most people definitely dream of becoming an actor/actress at some point in their lifetime. However, very few people are able to make this dream come true. Some people's hard work doesn't pay off and some people's luck doesn't support them. In such a situation, if you get some astrological guidance, then by looking at your horoscope, you can know whether a good artist is hidden in you or not. So let's know about those important points of the horoscope which can make you a Bollywood or Hollywood star.

Position of Venus and Mercury in the horoscope
If the position of Venus is strong in any person's horoscope, then he can do excellent work in the acting world. Venus is considered to be the karaka planet of art, beauty, and materiality, and to be a good artist it is necessary to have all three. The good position of Venus in the horoscope gives the person an attractive personality, which is essential for an artist.

To become a good artist after Venus, the position of Mercury in the horoscope should also be favorable and good. Mercury is the factor of speech and communication. If Venus is strong in the horoscope and Mercury is in a weak state, then the person cannot become a good artist, and the weak position of Mercury can create difficulties for the person in communication, etc.
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Position of Mars in the Horoscope
A person who has a strong position of Venus, Mercury as well as Mars in his horoscope, then such a person can make a name in action films. Along with this, films related to research or science fiction also give success to such people.

Sun position in the Horoscope
If the planet Sun is strong in your horoscope and the position of Rahu is also good, then the person can become a good actor. Sun is the karaka planet of the soul and if it forms a conjunction with Venus, the karaka planet of beauty in the horoscope, then the person gets prestige in the field of acting.
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Which houses of the horoscope need to be strong?
If you want to achieve a good position in the field of Bollywood/Cinema, then it is necessary to have the strength of the following expressions. The condition of the lord of these houses, the aspect of planets on these houses, etc. is helpful to predict how a person will work in the field of art.

Ascendant lord or Lagnesh
Ascendant is the most important house in the horoscope of every person. It shows how a person faces difficult situations. If the Ascendant is weak and the position of the Ascendant is also not good, then the person gives up very quickly. On the other hand, the good position of the Ascendant and Lord of the Ascendant gives a person the courage to fight against every difficulty. In the field of acting also, a person has to face many problems, so by looking at the Ascendant of the Kundli, we can tell whether the person can do something in this field or not.

Tenth house
The tenth house of the birth chart is also called the house of action. Acting is the means of capital for any artist. That's why it is necessary to see which planets are aspecting this house. If Venus, Mercury, etc. planets have an aspect on this house, then the person gets success in the field of acting as well as money and fame.

Third, Fifth, and Sixth house
Apart from the Ascendant and the tenth house, it is also necessary to look at the third, fifth, and sixth houses. The third house shows your skills, and the effect of auspicious planets on this house can make a person successful in the film industry. If the third house is related to the fifth house in any way, then it is also a good yoga to become a good actor or Bollywood star. The fifth house is also associated with art and entertainment, so this house should not be aspected by inauspicious planets. 

The sixth house represents rivals, if there are auspicious planets in this house, then the person wins over his opponents. There is no dearth of competition in Bollywood also, so it is necessary for the sixth house to prevail.

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