Which Planet In Vedic Astrology Indicates A Love Marriage?

 Which Planet In Vedic Astrology Indicates A Love Marriage?

There are many such love stories that do not reach their destination i.e. their relationship ends before marriage. No matter what the circumstances are, in such a situation where couples tie the knot through a traditional marriage rather than a love marriage. But on the other hand, there are some people out whose relationship is successful in reaching its destination. Where they are only the person with whom they fall in love. The online astrologers at the Myastroguruji prediction platform mentioned that there are some such yogas that when present in a person's horoscope permit a successful love marriage. 

How to know Love Marriage in your Birth Chart?
In this materialistic world, everyone wants to love and to be loved as this is the basic necessity of a person born on this planet with different planetary influences which are malefic and benefic in nature. These influences are responsible for determining the fate of a person. And in this era, it seems like everyone is curious to know about the possibility of having a love marriage in their Birth Chart/ Horoscope. According to Vedic Astrology, there are several indications of having a Love Marriage at one's birth which can be known through matchmaking by name 

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Which planets are responsible for Love marriage?
So, in Vedic Astrology, majorly the placement of these three planets— Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are much more important in a person's Kundli. The placement of the planet Mars is considered to be most important when looking for love marriage indications because even now in a country like India, it is an untold struggle to marry the person you love, therefore you need to have a stronger Mars. 

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What happens when Mars is favorably placed in your Horoscope?
In Astrology, the planet Mars symbolizes willpower, desires, drive, energy, passion, competition, and sexuality. The instance when  Mars is with the lord of the seventh house which is Jupiter or is having an aspect relationship with it, in such a case love marriage of a native is confirmed and takes place favorably. For example, if Libra or Taurus is in the 7th house, then its lord Venus should be in the fourth, seventh, or eighth house from Mars.

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Whereas, when the same Mars is placed in the 7th house in a native Kundli it forms one of the most inauspicious Manglik Yoga. In astrology, this yoga is meant to bring unhappiness, problems, family issues, and discord to married life. The severity of this dosha in one's birth chart depends upon its various placements with different houses. So one must consult well-versed Astrologers for kundli matchmaking to check whether you are suffering from Manglik or not.  

What makes Love Marriage auspicious?   
Undoubtedly, the presence of planet Venus in the 5th house in a person's horoscope represents passion, devotion, creativity, children, and love. Moreover, its placement in the 7th house is considered to be the house of marriage. In addition, the planet Moon is also analyzed for marriage because the moon represents the mind and understanding, when you have ample understanding then Venus represents love towards your partner. As a result, you are able to lead a happy and successful married life. 

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Hence, the major planets like Venus, Mars, Moon, and Rahu Ketu are mainly assessed for having love marriage yoga in one's horoscope. While Mars is the planet that completely needs to be placed favorably for Shubh Muhurat. That's why these planets keep immense importance for a balanced love marriage. You may now know the various aspects of your free kundli in hindi

When Love Marriage is not advisable? 
In addition, the reasons for failure in love marriage occur when Venus is positioned in a weak or debilitating sign with a malefic and the 5th lord is placed in a malefic house or Trikhasthana like 6, 8, or 12, love marriage is not advised for such natives. For more precise love marriage predictions chat with astrologer online and get the instant right guidance. 

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