Which Lucky Plants To Be Planted On World Environment Day 2023?

 Which Lucky Plants To Be Planted On World Environment Day 2023?

Trees, plants, rivers, forests, land, mountains, etc. have an important contribution to life, without them we cannot even imagine life. But in today's time, environmental pollution has become a very worrying topic. Even breathing has become difficult in many big cities of the world. But if we want, we can do a lot for nature. Protection of human life is possible only with the protection of nature.

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June. The reason for celebrating World Environment Day is that by this people are made aware of the protection of the environment. Without nature, we cannot even imagine human life, so we should understand the importance of trees, plants, forests, rivers, lakes, land, and mountains and should not do any work that harms them.

World Environment Day Theme 2023  
Only fewer than 10% of the more than 400 million tonnes of single-use plastic produced per year worldwide is recycled. 'Solutions to Plastic Pollution' is the theme of World Environment Day 2023. World Environment Day 2023 will be commemorated with a focus on Solutions to Plastic Pollution, emphasising the need for a solution to the increasing plastic pollution crisis. 

Vastu Tips for planting  
On the environment-saving awareness occasion day let's know about some plants that can be easily planted around your house. According to Vastu, trees and plants are said to be auspicious for the house. Many such trees and plants have been mentioned in Vastu shastra, which if planted in the right direction or place, brings prosperity to the house. Along with prosperity in the house, positive energy is also communicated with these plants. Let's know about them
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1. Shami plant
The Shami plant is seen to be lucky in Vastu. Lord Shiva is said to love this Shami plant. The poverty in the house is eliminated by planting a Shami tree there. It is said that giving Lord Shiva Shami flowers on Mondays brings prosperity, pleasure, and good fortune into the home. Another name for it is a money tree.

2. Mohini plant
In South Africa, you can find the Mohini or crassula plant. It is deemed lucky to place the Mohini plant in the east or north of the home, according to Vastu Shastra. In addition, it can be attached to the home's front door. In the living room and bedroom, you can also grow Crassula or Mohina plants for décor. The Mohini plant is related to wealth, according to Vastu Shastra. Don't plant it facing south because of this.

3. Snake Plant
Vastu states that planting a snake plant in the home can bring success and pleasure. This plant is regarded as being extremely lucky. All avenues for advancement are made possible by keeping it in the home's study area. Additionally, you can use it as decor in the living room.

 4. Money plant
Money plant is seen as a favourite plant. Its vine looks very beautiful and at the same time, it also works to purify the environment. It is considered auspicious to plant money plants in the southeast direction. It is believed that by planting a money plant in the house, all the economic problems go away. There is no shortage of money.

5. Pomegranate and Bael plant
Plant a pomegranate tree on the right side of your home's front door, per Vastu Shastra. With this, you continue to get the blessings of both Goddess Lakshmi and Kuber, the god of prosperity. Additionally, the God of wealth is pleased when a vine plant is placed on the right side of the home's front door.

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