When The First Solar Eclipse of 2023 Will Take Place? These Zodiacs be on Alert!

 When The First Solar Eclipse of 2023 Will Take Place? These Zodiacs be on Alert!

The first solar eclipse of the year, if we're talking about that, will happen on Thursday, April 20, 2023, right after Holi. This year's first solar eclipse will take place in Aries and Ashwini Nakshatra, according to online astrologers
Therefore, this eclipse will not be visible in India. 

Today through this article you will come to know the various details about how to manage this solar eclipse, what to do, and what not to do, and what will be the auspicious time to view the Gharan, or the Sutak time, preventive measures to be taken, and a result of which how the different Zodiac signs will be under the effect during the first solar eclipse of the year 2023. 
So just read till the end to find out every fine detail.  

On April 20, 2023, there will be the first solar eclipse of the year. From 7:04 am until 12:29 pm on April 20, there will be an eclipse. This year's first eclipse will occur in the Ashwini Nakshatra and Aries Zodiac, according to astrology. Although India won't be able to see this eclipse.

Solar Eclipse 2023: Date, Time, and Location
Type of Solar eclipse: Hybrid Solar eclipse 
Date: 2023 April 20, 2023 
Time: 7:04 am to 12:29 pm
Locations: This eclipse can be seen from Cambodia, China, America, Singapore, Thailand, Antarctica, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Philippines, the South Indian Ocean, and New Zealand.

Visibility in India 
Due to not being visible in India, the Sutak period of this eclipse will also not be considered. According to religious beliefs, there will be no religious effect of this solar eclipse and the doors of the temple will not be closed here in India. 

The Kankanakriti solar eclipse will be the first one of the year. Kankanakriti, also known as an annular solar eclipse, occurs when the Moon and Earth are so far apart that the Moon appears to be approaching the Sun in the midst of it. This state lasts only a brief period of time. Pregnant women and patients are encouraged to take extra care during the solar eclipse. Moreover, avoiding using one's naked eye to see the solar eclipse.

Preventive measures on Surya Grahan 2023
➡ One must stop eating or drinking anything during the eclipse.
➡ Refrain from preparing or cooking food.
➡ Keep one's eyes away from the Sun.
➡ Cleanse your body by taking a bath after the compilation of the Grahan.
➡ Astrologers advise against pregnant women leaving the house during an eclipse, and they also advise against using any sharp objects like knives or scissors. 

Above are a few of the crucial safety precautions to follow during the Surya Grahan.

To more in detail about what to avoid doing you should seek the right advice and astrology online consultation from our experts. 

Impacts of the solar eclipse on different Zodiac Signs
According to Astrology, this year's solar eclipse will affect all 12 zodiac signs, but the zodiac signs on which it will be more effective are Aries, Leo, and Virgo.

1. Actually, during the solar eclipse, the Sun will remain in its zodiac sign Aries and for this reason, the special impacts of the solar eclipse will be seen on Aries. As a result of which a situation of confusion can arise in the career of the people of this zodiac.

2. If we talk about Leo's zodiac sign, then they will get to see the adverse effect of the solar eclipse. There can be ups and downs in the field of education and career.

3. People of Virgo may have to face mental distress due to the effect of the solar eclipse. During this, you are advised to try to control your speech and anger.

Therefore, it becomes more important to view and check your monthly horoscope by date of birth in order to avoid incoming problems before time.     


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