When Donating is Dangerous? Be Careful!

 When Donating is Dangerous? Be Careful!

Often people consider charity as a very virtuous act and it does happen, but sometimes donating can also be harmful. Similarly, marriage is not happening or wealth is not increasing and domestic distress has made your life difficult. In such a situation, you got caught in the hands of a novice and he might suggest you a few panacea remedies, instead of improving your condition, it worsens and keeps on getting worse. So today we are going to tell you some similar things which you would have done for the benefit but their effects come out negative. 

Let's learn what donations should be avoided if you want to fend off negative effects.

Avoid offerings to Star 
Sometimes the stars which are at our peak, knowingly and unknowingly, make offerings to them to get benefits and the planets that are of low status get them worshiped to elevate them. So this should not be done at all. It always has negative effects. 
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Donating in Temple is inauspicious
You have a lot of interest in religious works and it is very good if you earn virtue by donating extensively to temples, Dharamshala, and gaushalas. But if you do this when Devguru planet Jupiter is in the 10th or 4th house, that is, if you donate money for the construction of a temple, then it is very inauspicious. Sometimes you may have to go through court affairs even if it comes at the cost of the person's life, so be careful in the future and consult online astrologers before doing anything.

Avoid donating Clothes 
Similarly, if there is a Jupiter in the 7th  house of your horoscope, then you should never donate yellow clothes, its effects and influences on you will be malefic. 

Stay away from Sages
Even though it is auspicious to be in the company of saints, you frequently perform entire saintly duties while traveling to Satsang. Nonetheless, nothing in your family happens according to plan, and the family's advancement in every way halts. Thus, one of the possible causes of this could be that your Moon was in the 12th house during the company of saints. Consult knowledgeable astrologers to validate the same. 

Pay Attention 
There are some other similar things like donating copper should not be done when Sun is in the 12th or 8th house, it creates possibilities of loss of money. To chant mantras, one should first learn how to pronounce mantras. Wrong pronunciation, i.e impure pronunciation, has negative effects instead of positive ones. 

Along with this, suppose you know how to pronounce mantras correctly, but how many mantras you are chanting, you have to keep in mind that it is necessary to chant mantras in full numbers. And it is done on the same seat an even number of times at the same time. After completion of chanting, it is also necessary to perform Dashansh Havan.

Avoid planting Money Plant 
You must have heard this often money does not grow on trees, but the money tree is very famous, which is called the money plant. People keep it in their house so that somehow Goddess Lakshmi can make her abode here and the treasure of God Kuber should open in the house.
But if Mercury is bad in your horoscope, then the money plant will not give you any relief, on the contrary, it is painful to plant this in-house. Similarly, if you plant cactus or other thorny plants in the house, then Shani Dev will prevail, so those whose Saturn is running badly should not plant such trees.
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