What Special Does the Third House Reveals About You?

 What Special Does the Third House Reveals About You?

Astrologers study birth charts to understand and clarify a person's life. They use it to identify events that are likely to occur in a person's life. If you keep some interest or chase astrology for knowing events then you must be knowing that the horoscope is divided into 12 sections or houses. Each house present in the horoscope affects different aspects of life. For example, Career, Health, Love, Marriage, etc. all are influenced by the planetary moments and their placements.  As a result of which astrologers interpret and predict the horoscope events for a person. 
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Similarly, the third house or house in the horoscope is the house of brother and sister. It gives signals about communication, mental state, intelligence, travel, imagination, and behavior. Through this, the person can get information about his artistic interests and abilities. Your interpersonal skills and communication skills are governed by the third house.

In Vedic astrology, the third house has its own importance, also known as Sahaj Bhava. Astrologers definitely look at the position of this house to tell about the future, past, and present of any person. So let’s explore in detail what is the specialty of the third house in a person's life.

The 3rd house in the horoscope
According to Vedic astrology, the third house of the horoscope tells about your courage, communication style, your relationship with younger siblings. Your way of doing any work can also be known by looking at this house. Courage and bravery are known from this house, hence this house is also called the house of bravery. The influence of the planet Mercury is believed to be on the third house of the horoscope because this house belongs to the zodiac sign Gemini whose lord is Mercury.

What happens when the third house is strong in your horoscope
Amazing prowess is seen in the person whose horoscope has the third house in a strong state. Such people are not afraid to take any kind of risk. Such people are strongly intellectual. These people can also perform well in the field of writing. They have a strong family background and have good relations with younger siblings.

This house is twelfth from the fourth house, so the age of your mother can also be estimated and considered from it. If the third house is not in a strong position in your horoscope, then you may have difficulty in taking decisions, and you may also have a feeling of fear. There can be estrangement even with siblings.
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Influence of the third house on physicality 
According to astrology, the third house gives information about your hand, shoulder, and right ear. If this house is aspected by auspicious planets or if auspicious planets are in this house, then the person's shoulders and hands become strong.

Information about your age and short-distance travel
The third house of the horoscope not only shows your courage and bravery, it, your age is also known from this house because this house is eighth from the eighth house (Ayur house). Along with this, it is also known about short distance journeys and success-failure in them. Along with this, astrologers can also predict the types of your friends you had or going to have in future 

Third house and success
The person whose horoscope has the third house in a strong state can get success in the field of writing. Such people are able to put their thoughts on the pages in the best way. Along with this, such people can also get success in internet-related jobs, such people can also be successful in electronic media, the hotel industry, etc. People who have strongly placed the third house in their horoscope are tech-savvy and perform well technically. 

Moreover, they can also do tasks related to technical equipment like phones, computers, etc. in a skillful way. Social media becomes the main reason for their such achieved success and progress in their careers.

Last Words
Thus the 3rd house in your Horoscope tells about all the above special characteristics and qualities of yours. Astrology helps us to deal with the problems of life that come from time to time. Paying attention to the third house can propel us to great heights in our personal life and cultural development.
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