What Makes Kapil Sharma a True King of Comedy?

 What Makes Kapil Sharma a True King of Comedy?

Kapil Sharma's Astrology 
Name: Kapil Sharma 
Date of Birth: 2 April 1981 
Zodiac Sign: Aries 
Rasi/ Moon Sign: Aquarius
Place of Birth: Amritsar, Punjab, India
Occupation: Stand-up television presenter
A Man who needs no Introduction, the one who makes people crack out loud, a Man who is an Indian stand-up comedian, a television host, actor, producer & singer from Punjab but resides in the heart of millions of Indian fans, the one who host the famous comedy Show and the one who makes people thrill outer and inner. Yes, he is none other than the King of Comedy, the Majestic, and the magnificent Kapil Sharma.    

So, today in the honor of his 42nd Birthday we will discuss his achievements and the Astrology behind what made him a True King of Comedy's Shining Star. 

The Nostalgic Kapil  
The famous Indian comedian Kapil Sharma was chosen as one of Forbes India magazine's top 100 celebrities in February 2013 and was rated 96th on the list. He soon made appearances in the movies Firangi, Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon (2015), and It's My Life (2020), as well as short cameos in ABCD 2 (2015) and Bhavnao Ko Samjho (2010).
Additionally, he is regarded as a skilled singer as well. His jokes are majorly directed toward constructing social norms. Moreover his popular Indian Comedy show—- “The Kapil Sharma Show” is being watched far and wide and makes fans go crazy.  

Which Yogas in his Kundli made him successful?
Yoga is a combination of planets and their positions in the birth chart of a native. These yogas can impose either negative or positive impacts effects on a person’s life, depending on the nature and placements of the planets in various houses. Here is a list of them. 

Sunapha Yoga
Kapil Sharma is fortunate to acquire wealth and property via his hard work, dedication, and smart decisions thanks to the Sunapha Yoga in his birth chart. Kapil Sharma's determination and commitment to his art have allowed him to amass a sizable amount of wealth and property. This success as a comedian and television personality can be attributed to these qualities.

Anapha Yoga
The Anapha Yoga in the birth chart predicts that the person will be in good physical and mental health. Kapil Sharma has captivated the hearts of his admirers with his majestic looks and engaging attitude, and he has remained healthy throughout his career.

Durdhara Yoga
According to Durdhara Yoga, the individual would lead a warm and giving life and be extremely wealthy. Kapil Sharma's charitable activity and contributions to several causes demonstrate his compassionate and generous character. His career and money have also allowed him to assist those in need.

Adhi Yoga
The last comes to Adhi Yoga, the presence of this yoga in Kapil Sharma's birth chart suggests that he has a positive and uplifting personality. Kapil Sharma’s polite and trustworthy nature has earned him a loyal fan following. 

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Kapil's Satirical Style
His style of satire is that of spot answer and quick wit, which means making a joke in the same context at the same place as the situation may be. There is less use of obscene words in his humor. His Satirical Style can be best known through his punch lines. 

➡ Drawing mutual relation of inanimate objects - like calling them babies from the small size of tabla, guitar, etc.; Growing of harmonium with age.

➡ Totally out of line things - calling an average beauty Jennifer Lopez, or "Woh boy, kya naam hai uska..." to actors like Salman Khan.

➡ Calling the father means - sometimes making a doctor for stones and sometimes a lawyer.

➡ Underestimating the contribution of fellow artists - many saying words like "get in the mood".

➡ Singing current songs by making the atmosphere of the song classy. Many times - Tunak Tun Tun.., Kya Ada Kya Jalve Tere Paro.. etc.

➡ Reversing the fame of the judge - Archana is a man and Shekhar ji is a singer.

Today's Kapil Sharma Show has created a special place in the hearts of millions of his fans that truly made him a star. 

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