What is The Truth of Black Magic? Know What Krishna Says in Gita

 What is The Truth of Black Magic? Know What Krishna Says in Gita

The name of the state of Bengal immediately comes to mind upon hearing the term "black magic." You'll be shocked to learn that black magic is also practiced in Africa. Gudu, or black magic, is a term used in Africa. Its primary characteristic is the long-used usage of animal body parts and effigies. But for the common public, it is still just like a Mystery. 

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How did Black Magic begin?

Black magic is called "Vudu" in Africa and other countries. It is believed that in 1847 a goddess named Erzulie Dantor appeared on a tree. She was worshipped as the goddess of love and beauty. She used to cure the diseases of people in pain through magic. But a priest did not like all those practices of the magic lady and therefore, he gave the order to chop the tree's trunk off at the base. Later, the locals began worshipping the goddess after creating an idol of her.

Black Magic process

According to Tantra-Science, this is a very rare process, which is carried out in very special circumstances. To do this, a high level of expertise is needed. However, very few people are capable of doing it. An idol that looks like a doll is used in the process. This idol is made from different types of food items like flour, gram flour, and urad dal. It is given life by special mantras. After this, the name of the person on whom black magic is to be performed is pronounced.

It is believed that in this whole process problem solving is claimed from animal parts. The soul of ancestors can also be called in anybody and work can be done. Apart from this, effigies are also used for the treatment of a person sitting far away.

What is Black Magic’s truth? 

Experts believe that black magic is nothing but a group of energy. Which is only sent from one person to another. We can use energy in both positive and negative ways. The Atharva Veda of Sanatana Dharma is dedicated only to the positive and negative use of things. One needs to understand that energy is just energy, it is neither divine nor demonic.

Gita’s Updesh

Arjuna queries Krishna in the Gita that all things are made of energy, and that Duryodhana is similarly comprised of energy. So why is Duryodhana performing the deeds of the Nirgunas? Krishna responded by stating that God is Nirguna. Nirguna is divinity. It lacks any distinctive qualities. It implies that energy is purest and that anything can be created from it.

When was Black Magic done?

Experts believe that the purpose of black magic is not to harm a person with an effigy. Actually, this is knowledge of Tantra, which was given by Lord Shiva to his devotees. In olden times, it was used only for the treatment of patients sitting far away. By tying the patient's hair to the effigy, they made to awakened by special mantras. After this, whichever part of the patient had a problem, by inserting a needle in the same place as the mannequin, positive energy was conveyed to it. The issue might be resolved if this is done repeatedly for some time.

When was it used in wrong deeds?

Some selfish people used and invested this knowledge in wrong deeds in society. Since then it was also called Black Magic. It is worth noting that just as you can remove diseases by creating positive energy, in the same way by operating negative energy, you can also affect a particular person in a negative way. Overall, everything is a consequence of the usage of the purest form of energy utilized it some forms. 

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