What is The Importance of Divine Shaligram Stones Used For Sculpting Lord Ram's Idol in Ayodhya?

 What is The Importance of Divine Shaligram Stones Used For Sculpting Lord Ram's Idol in Ayodhya?

The two divine rocks from which the idol of Lord Ram will be carved out and placed in the sanctum sanctorum of Ram Temple were sent to Ayodhya. These two divine stones have been extracted from the holy Kali Gandaki river of Nepal. This journey reached Ayodhya on 26 January, Wednesday via Bihar via Kushinagar and Gorakhpur in UP. These two divineShaligram rocks are 60 million years old, where one rock weighs 26 tonnes and the other weighs 14 tonnes. 

The former Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal worshipped the Mahant of Janaki Temple. After worshipping according to Vedic rituals, Shaligram Shila was handed over to Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. This rock, considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu, was greeted grandly in Ramnagari.
The treasurer of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust and Mahant Dinendra Das welcomed it home by showering flowers on Shaligram Shila. And other rituals have been performed under the guidance of Vedic teachers and Astrologers. Along with the yatra, around 200 devotees from Nepal also have reached Ayodhya.

Importance of Shaligram Stone in Astrology  
Our online astrologers at Myastroguruji say— The Shaligram is the Vaishnavas' most sacred stone, and it is used to worship Vishnu. The six life values for which Shree Shaligram is worshipped:

1. Righteous living, 
2. Wealth,
3. Protection, 
4. Good health, 
5. Pleasures,  
6. Spiritual benefits, according to Shastra. 

What Do Shaligram stones Look like?  
Shaligram stones are available in a number of colors, including Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and black. The yellow, blue, and black forms are regarded as being the most sacred. The most auspicious Shaligrams are thought to be yellow and golden in color, and those who worship them are said to be blessed with enormous wealth and success.

Benefits of Shaligram Stone 
1. The most important stone to the Vaishnavas is the Shaligram, which is used to worship Vishnu as a "Saligrama," or God without form. The Shaligram is located in Nepal's river Gandaki close to Muktinath.

2. It is regarded as most meritorious when the Shaligram stone is placed on a plate along with Tulasi leaves and conch (Sankh in Hindi).

3. Any religious observance, gift, consecration, obsequies, or worship should ideally be performed considering the Shaligram stone. To know how to perform the rituals in the right ways then astrology online consultation can help! 

4. It is customary to do these rituals in front of a Shaligram for obsequies or last rites. This would guarantee that the departed spirit will directly reach Vishnu's abode, eliminating the need for further funeral rites.

5. When the dying person is made to sip a little of the water in which the Shaligram stone is bathed, it is said that he/she will be freed from all sins and will reach the heavenly abode of Vishnu. 

6. When drinking the water used to wash these stones, as opposed to giving gifts, fasting, or engaging in other types of religious observances, the rites of sin expiation become more effective.

7. The sins of the beholder would be washed away simply by looking at Saligrama, just as the mere sight of a lion would make the antelopes run for their lives in the forest.

Significance of Shaligram In Hinduism 
Shaligram is counted as 24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. For this reason, in Hinduism, this stone is worshiped as a form of Lord Vishnu. According to the Puranas, Shaligram is worshiped as a deity form of Lord Vishnu. It is believed that if the Shaligram stone is round, then it is the Gopal form of Narayan. On the other hand, if the rock is visible in the shape of a fish, then it is the fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Further, if there is Shaligram in the shape of a tortoise, then it is considered a symbol of the Kurma and Kachhapa avatar. The circles and lines visible on the Shaligram stone are considered to be symbols of other incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This is the reason why there is no need for the life-consecration of this rock for worship. This stone can be worshiped by keeping it directly in the sanctum sanctorum of any temple. This is the reason why the Shaligram stone has special importance in Hinduism.

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