What is Nadi Dosh? Here Are the Effective Remedies

 What is Nadi Dosh? Here Are the Effective Remedies

What is Nadi Dosha?
The answer to this is — It is the most inauspicious dosha among other doshas formed in one’s Kundli during gun Milan for marriage.  

In Vedic astrology, Nadi is one of the eight imperatives that determine the success of a marriage and are analyzed before marriage. Nadis form 8 out of 36 points whose matching is considered essential for marriage. For a successful and healthy marriage, the Nadis of both partners should be different, say our online astrologers.  Read in detail to find the possible solutions to its malefic influence. 

Notably, when the Nakshatras of men and women born under the same sign are different from one another, the Nadi Dosha is canceled. This is an exception to the rule for this dosha. Moreover, the dosha in that horoscope is neutralized if the pair shares the same Nakshatra but has a different Rashi.

Astrology of the whole Nadi Dosha  
Nakshatra tells about the time and day of birth of a person. It is of three types.

Adi Nadi
Madhya Nadi
Antya Nadi
Okay! Just understand it as at the time of the kundli matchmaking when two people have different Nadis, they get the full 8 points, but if the Nadis are the same, it causes a defect in their Kundli and they get 0 points. As per the universal law the opposite poles attract each other, similarly in the case of Nadi matching. When the bride and groom have the same Nadi they usually share the same tendency and thus the marriage becomes difficult to maintain. This dosha can create disturbance in marriage and can also bring about a divorce-like situation.

Effects of Nadi Dosha
Nadi Dosha can cause a lot of issues in marital life if it is not handled or corrected in accordance with how severe it becomes. Its impacts are— 

• Lack of attraction between husband and wife.
• Less respect and love will be felt for one another.
• Frequent disagreements and discord in marriage.
• Having a child will be challenging.
• Even if children are born, they may have some physical problems.
• Moreover, Nadi develops distance between husband and wife while different Nadi will create attraction between the couple.

Which circumstances cancel the Nadi dosh in one’s Birth Chart?  
In a person’s Kundli the Nadi Dosha can only be nullified in case—

• When the birth nakshatra is different but the zodiac sign of the bride and groom is the same, it nullifies the Nadi dosha.
• If the birth star is the same but their zodiac signs are different, it cancels the malefic influence of Nadi Dosha. 
• If the birth star is the same but the phase of the bride and groom is different.
• Astrologically speaking, it is ineffectual when Rohini, Mrigashira, Jyeshtha, Kritika, Pushya, Shravan, Revati, and Uttarabhadrapada Nakshatras are present.

Remedies for Nadi Dosha
This defect can be rectified by the following measures-

• Perform the Nadi Nirvana Puja as suggested by the expert astrologer.  
• Use the Gemstone prescribed by our Myastroguruji experts. 
• Chant the Mahamrityunjaya mantra religiously with the method suggested by the experts.
• Donate gold pulse, grain, cloth, and cow to a Brahmin.
• A girl with this dosha can first marry Lord Vishnu. After this, Nadi dosha is considered nullified. 
• Maintaining peace, compromise, and love in marriage.
• Nadi dosha in a marriage horoscope is one of the most harmful conditions that can bring instability in your marriage. Not only will there be constant disagreements between the husband and wife, but they will slowly start  losing love for each other, and a lack of attraction will also be seen. They may face many issues in carrying forward their legacy. Their born children may have physical and mental problems.

However, this defect can be rectified under the guidance of an expert astrologer. As a result, one should only seek some trustable and precise astrology online consultation.  

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