What Happens When You Marry Without Kundli Matching?

 What Happens When You Marry Without Kundli Matching?

In Hinduism, before deciding on the relationship for marriage, the horoscope of the bride and groom is matched to consider a successful marriage between them. It is considered very important to match the Gunas or qualities of the horoscope of both.  Those whose Kundli traits do not match face significant challenges in marriage, and their families often discourage such marriages. 

Marriage is a serious commitment that requires the wife and husband to be there for one another forever. This is the reason behind matching the horoscope characteristics of the boy's and girls' families. The better the marriage is viewed, the more of the horoscope's total 36 attributes you receive. It is said to be crucial for a male and a girl to share at least 18 of the 36 qualities before getting married.

What to consider while in Kundali Milan?
Kundli matching, often referred to as Vedic compatibility analysis, or matching horoscopes for marriage, is an astrology technique that evaluates a couple's compatibility based on their birth charts. The planetary alignment at the time of birth has an impact on a successful marriage. Also, it affects many facets of life from the very understanding to having kids.

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What are the problems one can face marrying without Matchmaking? 
However, in matters of love marriage, both the bride and groom do not rely much on the matching of qualities or Kundli matching. They get married without matching their Gunas necessary for a peaceful marriage between the two. In some cases, the qualities are also mixed, but they get married even if they get less than 18 qualities. According to our experts, people who have less than 18 Gunas, in their married life go through a lot of trouble. 

Such people have to face many problems in their married life according to online astrologers, these are as follows—  
➡ Many times, soon after getting married differences, and conflicts pay their way. In such a situation, their married life gets ruined.
➡ Horoscopes that don't match could cause compatibility problems in the marriage.
➡ The couple may experience problems with their physical, mental, and emotional compatibility, which could have an effect on their relationship and cause arguments.
➡ Horoscope compatibility can affect the bride and groom's health after marriage. 
➡ The pair may experience stress and financial hardship due to these health problems, which may demand extensive medical treatment.
➡ Moreover, financial difficulties can arise if horoscopes don't match. The bride and groom may also experience a loss of professional growth as a result. Also, it could result in their lives becoming unstable, stressed out financially, and unsatisfied.
➡ Not only this but in some cases things get so bad that even divorce comes to the fore. 
➡  This is the reason why elders advise getting married only after taking matchmaking into full consideration. 

Why do Relationships break even after better Kundli matching? 
There are myths that claim that when a couple marries without considering their horoscopes, both their personal and married lives suffer. The bride and groom have a fight over trivial issues. The families of both parties are suffering as a result of this dispute. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that many people still experience marital failure and breakups even after acquiring these attributes.

Several such marriages, in which the attributes of the bride and groom were better matched by their horoscopes but after marriage, disharmony predominated in their married life, have been observed breaking even today in our society. The planets in the horoscopes of the bride and groom, however, can also be at fault in certain situations.

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