What Does Your Horoscope Say About Foreign Travel?

 What Does Your Horoscope Say About Foreign Travel?

It is a dream of every individual to visit some foreign countries at least once in his lifetime. Let it be for the purpose of education or employment, marriage, and tourism. If we calculate on a rough scale it can be founded that India's population living abroad is the largest in the world. Being Astrologers, we are regularly receiving many queries from people regarding their Foreign trips or settlements in various countries. Especially,  they majorly ask when they could visit the U.K., USA, Australia, or many of their dream countries. 

For such queries, you can unhesitatingly consult your janam kundli in hindi because this is the real road map to your possible foreign travel.

Main reasons for traveling Abroad
• The possible reasons to travel abroad could be any:
• For Educational purposes 
• For the purpose of Marriage
• For exploring through short trips

Which Houses show Foreign travel in Astrology? 
There are a total of 12 houses in Astrology and out of which there are some important houses that are effective for foreign travel in a person’s Horoscope. Read to find out. 

1st House: This house represents the personality of an individual. The conjunction of this house with the 7th and 12th houses shows foreign travel.

3rd House: Being 12th from the fourth house, this house denotes short journeys. The motherland is symbolized by the number 4, or the fourth house.

4th House: The fourth house represents the place of residence, a house. For settling abroad, the influence of a malefic or malefic house is necessary for the fourth house of the horoscope. This situation is helpful in the exit of the person from the country.

7th House: This house represents travel, partnership business, and life partner. For international travel, its relationship to the 12th house is extremely crucial. Another observation is that the spouse can be a foreign citizen. For daily updates keep following your yearly horoscope by date of birth.     

8th House: Going abroad is also significantly influenced by this house. It indicates across-sea travel. It is also known as the research house and the house of indulgence in modern times.

9th House: The 9th house represents a long journey. This is the most important house which shows foreign travel. Well the lord of the 9th house indicates that the person will prosper in a foreign land. This house stands for both higher education and spiritual development. Its relationship to the 12th house makes it a potent conjunction for international travel.

10th House: This house is simply known as the house of Action and Profession.
If it is connected to the 9th, 3rd, or 12th houses, the native will probably take business trips abroad.

Effective combination for traveling Abroad

• There should not be any benefic planet in the 4th house. In Astrology, the 4th house is the house of the motherland and if it is afflicted and connected with or exchanged with the 12th house, there will be chances of foreign travel.

• The connection of the 3rd house or its lord with the 7th, 9th, and 12th houses indicates foreign tours. 12th house from 3rd or 4th.

• The 5th house is the house of education, intelligence, and creativity. A connection between the 5th, 9th, and 12th houses indicates that the native is likely to go abroad for educational purposes. 

• If the 1st, 7th, and 12th houses are linked with each other, the native will go abroad for some business deal. Also, such a conjunction depicts that the native might travel abroad after marriage.

• The 9th house is the house of advanced education, luck, and a long journey. Its association with 5, 9, 12, and 7 indicates that the native will travel abroad for education or to fulfill religious needs. In the case of the afflicted 4th house, he may settle or live in a foreign land even after education.

• If more planets are in dual signs, it also often indicates foreign travel.

• The 10th house is the house of profession and career and knows as the “Karmic” house in Astrology. Its association with the 12th house indicates a career in a foreign country.

• Apart from above, Moon, Saturn, Rahu, and Lagnesh in the 12th also indicate foreign travel or settlement.

• If there is no yoga in the D-1 chart, then we should also go through the D-9 chart for foreign combinations.

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