What Does the First Letter of Your Name Tell About You?

 What Does the First Letter of Your Name Tell About You?

For every human being, his name keeps of great importance to him because names give someone the essence of existence and recognition in a civilized society. So how can we take it for granted? A lot can be learned about a person's nature, future, and fortune from the name. But the name should be original, in fact, some people change their name and think that their whole future will be affected on the basis of the new name. But in reality, your fate and future depend on the real name only.
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Astrologically, a great can be known from the letters that your name possesses. About someone, nature, virtues, qualities, and many more could be known from the first letter of a person. Let’s unfold the secret together. 

People with the letter 'A'
• The letter 'A' is considered to be the most influential letter and comes to number 1 in Astrology.
• Such people have impressive personalities.
• They are able to create whatever image they want in front of others.
• Apart from being confident, they are quite courageous.
• Likes to live life on his own terms.
• They are very ambitious and have leadership qualities.
• They usually do not believe in sharing their words with others and because of this people often consider them as arrogant.

People with the letter 'K'
• People who are having the first name letter ‘'K' have an energy equal to the number 2.
• Along with being mysterious and a little shy, they are also emotional.
• People of this letter like to be the center of attraction.
• They help others and are peace-loving.
• They like to be in solitude more.
• They often work better in partnership and in many cases depend on others.
• There is a lack of balance and harmony in their lives.

People with the letter 'S'
• The letter 'S' is considered equal to the number 1 in Numerology.
• These people are born leaders.
• They are very loyal and achieve success in every field of life.
• There are no gimmicks and lies.
• The people of this alphabet always stand with whomever they are in their happiness and sorrow.
• Apart from being romantic, they are also considered very loyal.
• These people are very attractive and interesting.
• To be the center of attraction is their special quality. 
• They work very hard to make their dreams come true.
• People having as the letter S become professional models, actors, and politicians majorly. 
• They don't have any shortage of money at all.
• Anger is their biggest weakness.

People with the letter 'N'
• The letter 'N' is considered equal to 5 in numerology. This number represents joy and imagination.
• People named 'N' are active and non-conventional thinkers.
• They easily adapt themselves according to the situation.
• They are very critical and they always want perfection in life.
• These people are very imaginative, versatile, and intelligent.

People with the letter 'P'
• The letter 'P' is considered equal to the number 7.
• People with the name of this letter are very interesting and influential.
• They keep all their secrets hidden in their mind, that's why they seem a bit mysterious.
• They dislike disclosing details of their private lives to people.
• The people of this alphabet have a very sharp mind and have very quick answers.
• They leave no stone unturned to make themselves a perfect person.
• Reputation and image matter a lot to them.
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People with the letter 'M'
• The letter 'M' comes to number 4 in Astrology.  
• These people are very courageous and hardworking.
• They are very loyal kind. 
• They are very focused and they know about their every step.
• Such people believe in high moral values.

People with the letter 'V'
• The letter 'V' comes to number 6 in Astrology and People whose name starts with this letter are meant to possess a lot of qualities.
• They have very free thoughts and they do whatever they feel like doing.
• They are pure of heart but do not like to share their words with others.
• They do not live under any kind of restrictions. 
• Laughingly, they accept the truth as truth and also extract its meaning according to their own opinion.
• These people give respect to others and want respect in return.
• They are incredibly content with their marriage, family, and life.

People with the letter 'R'
• The letter 'R' comes to number 9 in Astrology which represent humanity and intelligence.
• People having the first letter R in their names are very influential.
• They are very creative, they have more interested in the field of art and culture.
• ‘R’ letter people always work for the betterment of others.
• Their personality is influenced the most by their tendencies.
• They are very intelligent and generous kind folks. 

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