What Does The Color And Shape of Your Nails Tell About You?

 What Does The Color And Shape of Your Nails Tell About You?

Many people are unaware of the fact that our body is also part of a kind of magnetic field and most people believe that your face is the only reflection of your personality. But it is not so. Every part of your body says something or the other about your personality.

The shape, size of hands, feet, nails, etc., and their look say a lot about our karmic journey. But can it be ascertained by looking at someone's nails, how is his personality? According to our expert's analysis, the personality, nature, and one’s life journey can be estimated. Let’s talk about it today. Also, check your monthly horoscope by date of birth.  

Your personality based on Nails shape 

1. Short nails
Short-nail wearers are viewed as cruel and narrow-minded.

2. Very short nails
Such individuals are viewed as silly and party animals, whereas a woman with such nails on her hand is viewed as disciplined and full of masculine qualities.

3. Big Nails
Such nails are the same in length and width. People having such nail shapes are viewed as serious and perfectionists.

4. Short and Flat Nails
Of the nature of these people having such nail shapes, others get afraid.

5. Short and Heavy Nails
Such people do not see their own faults and keep finding faults in other people.

6. Broad and Square-shaped Nails
The people who have such nails have a very pure heart.

7. Nails with more width and less length
Such people get success in literature, singing, and giving speeches and they argue many times with others after analysing everything.

8. Long and thin Nails
Such people do not believe in themselves and their mind is also greedy.

9. Long and slightly bent Nails
There is a strong desire for physical affection in such people. 

10. Shrunk Nails
Those whose nails are shrunken are highly parasitic. This means that they have the habit of sticking to people like insects.

11. Swollen and upward-pointing Nails
The fingers in which these nails are found are thick. Such people think of adopting ways like drug abuse and suicide. 

12. Round-shaped Nails
These people are considered to be respectful, decent people who know the lessons of compassion, hospitality, and self-reliance.

13. Short and triangle Nails
They are very sharp-minded and prove to be very useful when given the opportunity, but they have a habit of laziness.

14. Yellow and discoloured Nails 
Cheating and following false paths are the nature of such people.

15. Blue Nails
The nails in which blue color is seen in the root, are weak-hearted and also emotional.

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What does nail color tell about your personality? 
The nails of China are pink in color, they do not have a shortage of money and they are highly respected everywhere. If their nails are also broad and square in color along with pink color, then they are also considered to be very innocent and naive.

White and Black spots
If you have white and black spots on your nails and you are a woman, then you keep arguing with your husband, using your crooked mind. But, if you are either a man or a woman, then such a stain shows that you are going to have some disease. Also, nails with black spots indicate that you are about to commit some crime or sensational act.

Yellow Color
In such people, irritability and angry behavior are normal. There are clouds of fighting in their marriage.

The color Red
If you are a woman and red-colored nails enhance your beauty, then your fortune, appearance, and married life are beautiful. There is no shortage of money either.

White Crescent
If you have a white crescent at the root of your nails, then you can be of great benefit. Having it on the index finger (the finger found between the thumb and the middle finger) indicates that you will progress in every field. By having it on the middle finger, there is sudden rain of money. Its presence on the ring finger is indicative of getting a chance in prestigious areas like a government job.

Having this moon in the little finger is good for people in the music and anchoring sector. On the other hand, such a mark on the thumb means that these people have the ability to do something very strongly.

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