What do the stars hold for the upcoming film "Bhediya"?

 What do the stars hold for the upcoming film "Bhediya"?

Varun  Dhawan and Kriti Sanon starrer film 'Bhediya' is all set to hit the theaters on 25 October. This is a horror-comedy film. The film is based on a wolf and is inspired by the mythology of Arunachal Pradesh. The film has been directed by Stree's director Amar Kaushik and scripted by Niren Bhatt, best known for penning Asur and the long-running TV show Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma. Whereas, Kriti and Varun are promoting fiercely for the film. A few days ago the trailer of the film was released, which was liked by the fans. But will the film hit the theaters, is still a question of suspense that can be resolved by an online Astrologer.

No worries we totally understand your dilemma and curiosity about the release of the film especially the film freaks who are eagerly waiting to buy the first tickets and are curious to know whether the film goes hit, super hit, will it settle on average, or will it go flop at the box office? So here are the astrological analysis based on Numerology and Tarot card reading. Let's dive deep into the predictions and know what the celestial stars hold for the movie and its co-stars. 

Well! if you are an astrology lover and love to read what is horoscope today on daily basis you might be aware of the basics of astrological predictions and the way it works. The film, Bhediya starts with the first letter "B" and in Numerology the letters are chosen for the predictions. Let’s know in detail the whole analysis done by our Vedic experts—  

Numerological Analysis of the film 

The Astrology freaks might have some idea about Kundli matching or the basics of astrological predictions and the way it works. Since the movie name Bhediya starts with the first letter "B" and in Numerology the letters are chosen for the analysis and further predictions, for example,  B=2, E=5, D=4, I= 1, y=1, A=1  and when you obtain the end result through the calculation you will get "1" as the output.  And in Numerology number 1 is considered stronger. It represents the planet  Sun. Planet Sun in Astrology represents the Soul, Power, authority, and how you come out and deal with situations, events, and people. 

If put simply,  a strong Sun gives you life-giving energy, willpower, ability to fight all evils of your life and is responsible for a successful and top-notch career as a movie star or for the movie being produced overall stands for creativity and positivity. 

So as the planet Sun is stronger, it represents that the movie is about to rule the market and snatch the hearts of people through its eye-catching visuals, ideas, twists, and cinematography. And if by chance any other movie is aligned for release around the same date as Bhediya’s release which is on 25 November, then this movie stands as a tough competitor for the rest to come. Numerological number 1 shows that the movie sooner covers its own invested cost of rupees 60 crores budget and will consequently earn profits. 

The numerological number ‘1’ stands for creativity and hence the movie contains most of the twisted elements that will make it a super hit at the box office soon after its release.

My Astroguruji Tarot Readings for the film 

Bhediya is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language comedy horror film directed by Amar Kaushik which is going to release on November 25, 2022. So its driver number is 7 which is the ruling number for Ketu planet and represents spirituality. This number is connected with supernatural activities. Whereas, the film is based on paranormal phenomena although it is fictional. So as a result number 7 represents luck, charm, and profits for the movie.  The movie gonna set the box office on fire with a bang.

Moreover, the release date of the movie is 25 November is beneficial and will bring luck and charm. The numerological number 1, the driven number 7, and the total sum of releasing date which is equal to 6 make a great combination. It completely represents a triangle of power with name, fame, and money. The movie is set to rock the theaters and all the OTT platforms with its Karizma and drastic animated impacts on the audience's heart and mind. 

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Tarot reading for Profits earnings 

Besides earning and covering its total budget of rupees 60 crores, it will capture the audience's attention with lots of profit far and wide. You may consult for a daily horoscope in hindi from our experienced astrologers.                

Tarot Reading for Stars Rating 

According to Tarot Readings, it will gain the highest star ratings between 5 to 8.   

The audience is eagerly waiting for this film because Varun Dhawan is seen as a very different character in Bhediya. Apart from Hindi, this film is also being released in Telugu and Tamil. For more information and details visit My Astroguruji where you can talk to an astrologer online for precise predictions. 




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