What are the Do’s and don'ts on Sunday?

 What are the Do’s and don'ts on Sunday?

Every person wants to live a life filled with happiness, prosperity, wealth, glory, and respect. One offers worship to the Lord as a result, rising early every morning after taking a bath, in hopes that the Lord will favour him in all facets of his life. Moreover, take away all the incoming challenges and bless them with happiness and prosperity. 

Undoubtedly, even after living in the 21st century, we still believe in astrology. India is a country where people often believe in astrology especially when it comes to getting lucky. For example, we often worship Goddess Lakshmi to attract wealth. There comes a time in everyone's life when we use some astrological remedies to our advantage by seeking the right astrology online consultation. These tips or remedies are believed to have the power to solve our problems. In fact, this is very beneficial. 

According to the Hindu calendar, every day is dedicated to one or the other god. Today let's talk about the holiday—-Your favourite day i.e. Sunday is dedicated to  Lord Surya. It is said that people who want respect, wealth, and fame should worship Lord Surya. Along with this, Sun God is also worshipped for success in job and business. According to Vedic astrology, if there is a strong sun in the horoscope, you get respect and fame. 

On the other hand, due to the weak Sun, you have to face challenges and have to  undergo very hard work and struggles on the professional front. That's why it is believed and suggested by our online astrologers to strengthen the sun if it is weak in your horoscope through some effective remedies. Like the Sun lord should be worshipped on Sunday on a regular basis. 

The Do’s on Sunday 
Here are the things one should follow doing on your favourite day. 
• On Sunday, water should be offered to the Sun God from a copper vessel. Along with this, Surya Mantra should be chanted while offering water.
• On this day in the evening, a four-faced lamp should be lit under the Peepal tree. This gives wealth, glory, and fame.
• By writing your wish on a banyan leaf and flowing it in water on Sunday, your wish will be fulfilled soon.
• It is considered auspicious to serve the cow on this day. Along with this, fish should be fed flour pellets.
• Sandalwood tilak should be applied after the bath on Sunday.
• If you want to please the sun then you should observe fast on Sunday. Apart from this, salt should be consumed only once a day.
• Aditya Hridaya Stotra should be recited on this day.
• To overcome the problem of foreign travel, it is good to offer coconut water to lord Surya and then pray. Distribute coconut as prasad.
• Sunday is the best day to start Surya Shanti Puja.
• If there is defamation yoga in the horoscope, then it is good to donate jaggery, wheat grains, copper, ruby, red flowers, and poppy seeds on this day to reduce the effect.
• To get the auspicious results from the lord Sun, you should wear Surya Yantra on Sunday.

The Don'ts on Sunday 
• So when it comes to making your favourite day the most special and lucky for you in every term. One should adhere to some of our Astrologer's suggestions about what one should avoid doing on this day. 
• It is forbidden to eat lentils, red greens, garlic, fish, and onions on Sundays.
• It is considered inauspicious to get your haircut, massage, or buying copper items on this day.
• Black, blue, and grey coloured clothes should not be worn on Sunday.
• According to astrology, it is good to avoid travelling in the west direction on Sunday.
• If the Sun is weak or inauspicious in your horoscope, then do not start any new work on this day.

The above-given remedies are suggested on a general basis by our astrologers. If you want more information regarding whether to observe fast on this day or not based on the condition of your horoscope or Kundli then consult and chat with astrologer online free at Myastroguruji.  

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