What Are The Different Types of Tilak Applied on The Forehead? Know Benefits

 What Are The Different Types of Tilak Applied on The Forehead? Know Benefits

In Indian culture, applying Tilak or Tika is given great importance. Our traditions have very deep scientific secrets hidden behind them. How much importance has been given to Tilak in the scriptures, you will understand from the fact that according to the scriptures, one should not even look at the face of a person without Tilak, if the worship is done without Tilak then it is considered futile. So, let’s explore different types of Tilak that you apply on your forehead in detail. 

Tilak’s Spiritual Significance 
The word "tilak" means more than just a mark placed on the forehead; it also has something to do with a person's spirituality. Tilak is placed between the two eyes on the forehead, and we have been doing it unknowingly since childhood. It has a very deep meaning. Although every component of our body is significant, the brain is thought to be the most significant.

It is said that consciousness resides in the brain. This is where all of our energy is focused; this is the home of the soul. So as a result Tilak's application raises spiritual consciousness and has an impact on the human psyche.
Types of Tilak
There are two reasons why this application could be categorized. The first refers to the method being used for the tilak, and the second refers to the attitude or a particular emotion that the person doing the tilak keeps.

1. Types of tilak on the basis of material
Tilak with turmeric or saffron — For auspicious work, a tilak of saffron or turmeric is applied. This tilak is specifically applied before leaving the house to protect one’s journey from evil or bad luck.

Tilak with vermilion— Tilak done with vermilion is a symbol of power. By doing this tilak, the intoxication of despair in the mind is infused, there is the communication of zeal and enthusiasm in the mind. Tilak of vermilion is helpful in reducing stress and increasing happiness and prosperity.

Sandalwood Tilak— This Tilak gives coolness and peace. It helps in creating a soul-conscious stage. Moreover, Sandalwood tilak is beneficial to rid of any  Shani dosha in one's Horoscope. 
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Tilak of Bhabhoot—The barriers in human existence are erased by the Bhabhoot of such a holy place, and Dhuni burns continuously in Shiva temples. The mind begins to feel disinterested, which causes a decrease in the human mind's tendency to wander.

2. Types of Tilak on the basis of Pathos 

Tika with blessing emotions 
The middle finger is used to apply this tilak. Since Saturn is thought to reside on the middle finger, which is seen in Hinduism as a symbol of success, a Tilak applied with the intention of wishing someone success is typically applied with this finger.

Tilak applied to achieve the spirit of peace and brightness 
Hindus believe that the planet Sun resides on the index finger, which is why the face shines. The sanskaras in a man that improve tranquility and brightness are naturally awakened by a tilak placed with the index finger.

Tilak applied with wishes of prosperity and health
According to our experts, man is said to have the planet Venus which resides in his thumb, and is thought to be responsible for his good fortune and health. Blessings are offered by applying Tilak from the thumb during any challenge when a desire for victory exists.

Effect of one's mental state
The Tilakdhari is greatly influenced by the person who is applying it on his forehead as well as their attitude. Because of this, it's important to consider the substance being treated and the finger being used when putting Tilak, but it's also important to keep one's emotions under control.

Ending Thoughts 
Any decisions made while putting on any Tilak are incredibly powerful for Tilakdhari. Thus, it is important to know its various effects and purpose in one’s life before applying it on the forehead. 

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