What are the Astrological Benefits of Wearing Silver?

 What are the Astrological Benefits of Wearing Silver?

It is undoubtedly true that silver metal shines bright is stylish and gives one a Royal look. Wearing silver in the form of jewelry is much adorned even more than Gold. The reason behind this is its elegant beauty and unfaded charm. In addition, some interesting astrological benefits make it more fascinating and are like icing on the cake for all those who loved it wearing. 

Moreover, this guide will be quite informative if you truly believe in the healing powers of Gemstones. Consult your free kundli in hindi for additional details.

Astrology Behind Silver
Let’s unfold a few interesting facts—- 

1. Since it is thought that silver was created from Lord Shiva's tears, this metal keeps a special place in Astrology.

2. Guru Shukracharya, the guru of rakshasas, is said to have loved silver since he was a devoted follower of Lord Shiva.

3. In astrology the planet Moon and Goddess Artemis are connected with the metal Silver.

4.   It is firmly believed that Silver is a great bearer of feminine energy and confidence.  

Right Vidhi to wear Silver
It is required to wear silver according to the correct Vidhi, or precautions, in order to activate its healing properties. Moreover, Silver jewelry, such as rings and Kadas, is mostly recommended for wearing.
Make sure to keep in mind all of the following considerations if you want to enjoy the true benefits of wearing silver.

• Silver's purity is important. Decide to purchase it from a trusted jeweler.
• On a Thursday night, place the ring in a bowl of water that has been filled with ice. It is advised that you soak the ring in Ganga Jal.
• Offer worship to Lord Vishnu and take a bath the following day. After taking a shower, place a fresh red piece of cloth in front of the Lord Vishnu statue. As you continue to pray, keep the ring in place on the fabric so that the Lord might bless it.
• Apply a little sandalwood paste to the ring. Chanting the Vishnu aarti while lighting a Diya and burning fragrant incense sticks.
• As soon as the Vidhi gets over without waiting just wear the ring on your smallest finger on the right hand.

Benefits of wearing Silver Ring
Silver keeps of great importance in medical science too. Sometimes it turns black and the reason is it takes on toxins from the wearer's body. Here are some of the effective astrological benefits.

1. Wearing Silver Ring for Mental Peace
• Since silver is associated with the planet Moon and planet Venus, it completely exhibits the personality of both the nicest planets in astrology.
• The moon represents the mind and gives tranquility. As a result, wearing a silver ring is said to lower tension and anxiety.
• The planet Venus is connected with the body and heals stomach-related problems, and maintains good health to make someone less depressed.

2. Benefits of Wearing a Silver Ring for Good Luck
The wearer of a silver ring after completing the right Vidhi is thought to be bestowed with great fortune and luck. Since silver is associated with Lord Shiva, they are shielded from negative vibes and even the malefic effects of planets like Rahu.

3. Benefits of Wearing a Silver Ring for Aggression
Our online Astrologers recommend a silver ring for those who are short-tempered. Wearing a silver ring bestowed peace, and calmness and makes you less aggressive. Benefits of wearing a ring help you with— 
• A peaceful married life.
• They get along well with their coworkers and perform well at work. Additionally, it enhances the likelihood of receiving a promotion at work.
• You will have an optimistic approach toward life. 

4. Benefits of wearing Silver for Students
While many of us are aware that wearing a rudraksha is advantageous for students. Do you know that wearing a silver ring also has numerous advantages? Here are the ways how wearing it can help you. 

• It boosts intelligence, which helps students in performing better in academics.
• It is known to lessen stuttering and nervousness.
• According to astrology, Silver is known to improve communication and builds confidence. Hence reducing nervousness and stage fear.

Thus, for more queries and measures to adapt talk to astrologer online    

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