Vastu Tips To Remove Negative Energies From Home

 Vastu Tips To Remove Negative Energies From Home

It is said that—"The house is a temple and positive energies make it home." Whenever it comes to negative energy, there are some places in our house where it can accumulate the most. Perhaps it is because when we are in our place some force around us promotes it. This happens because we are constantly in contact with it. Now you don't need to worry because online astrologers have the cure.  

Something which is crucial to know is —How can you tell if there is negative energy around you? A few indicators of negative energy could be continual criticism of others, unleashing your anger on others, unnecessary frustration, uneasiness, failure to adjust to your surroundings, etc. all of which make you anxious and hurt your relationships. 

Well! Whatever may be the reason, if we do not take steps to remove negative energy, it can have a serious impact on our lives.

Have you ever felt like your home isn't quite right? It may be that it is chaotic or it may also be that you are upset due to some other reason as well. In fact, it could be because your house is full of negative energies that have originated from a variety of sources. But it is necessary to remove it immediately so that prosperity remains intact in your life. Let us learn from MyAstroguruji Vastu experts about some effective Vastu remedies in order to remove any existence of negative energy that occupies your home.

Keep the house windows open
You should open the windows of your house as soon as you wake up in the morning, so that sunlight can enter the house. Start your day by opening all the windows in your house to let in the fresh air.

This remedy will help clear any stagnant energy present in the house. And never forget to take some time out to organise your bedroom and the corners of the house. Never ever leave it unoccupied. This will help improve the flow of energy in your home.

Ensure to remove broken objects immediately
Quickly get rid of anything you haven't needed in a year or more. For example, in many homes, objects like shattered glass, broken trays, utensils, and all such chipped crockery and also get any stopped clock fixed immediately if ignored and forgotten in the house, however, induces sadness, hopelessness, melancholy, and moreover fetch evil energies. So, make sure to get rid of unwanted objects and keep negative energies away from entering your home. 

Remove unusual paintings and artefacts  
If there is a picture of family strife or the wrong kind of painting hanging on the wall representing grief or some scary direction in such a case negative energies become more intense. The negative energy in the house might even be increased by artefacts like strange sculptures and dolls etc. Additionally, cactus plants and broken mirrors act as an add-on too!

The instant when negative energies meander into the house, it leads to inauspicious and detrimental circumstances. In such a case only Vastu shastra is the sole remedy that helps to tackle and may come to your rescue when deconstructing energies affects your life.
Keep candles, crystals, and plants in the house
Focus on creating a more peaceful environment in the home by adding things like candles, crystals, and plants (depending on which direction the plants are placed in the house) to ward off negative energy. These items help in providing you with more positive energy and also help in removing negative energy from your home.

If you live in a rental apartment, use feng shui and know how to improve the energy flow of your home. This practice is based on the flow of energy. If you are not sure how to do this, then seek an astrology online consultation from our Vastu experts. 
Hang a bell in your house
If you want to get rid of any form of bad energy surrounding you, hang a bell in your room so that it sounds every time you enter or even just walk through the doorway. This method is thought to be highly helpful for getting rid of negative energy of any kind.

Use Smudge Stick
You can use a smudge stick made of sage, frankincense, mugwort, lavender, palo santo, or dragon blood every day in your home. It creates a positive atmosphere by eradicating negativity from the home. Burning a smudge stick in the house and smoking it is the best way to keep the house away from negative energies. 

Therefore, decluttering your home and workspace and only restricting to useful things and the items you love is beneficial in keeping intact the positive energies in your dream house. For the right Vastu tips talk to astrologer online and find instant solutions today.

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