Vastu Tips For The Main Entrance Of Your House!

 Vastu Tips For The Main Entrance Of Your House!

When someone builds or buys his house, special care is taken that there should be no Vastu defects in the house. That's why before building a house, an Astrologer is called and proper guidance is given to build the house. Each and every corner of the house is made according to Vastu. According to Vastu Shastras, it is believed that if the house is not built accordingly negative forces are likely to enter and reside in the house.  

So it is also necessary to pay attention to the direction in which the main door of the house is built because an important part of the house is its main door or entrance. So one takes this into consideration before building the main entrance of the house. Here are some of the Vastu tips one should take care of. 
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1. Do not keep dirt at the main door of the house
According to Vastu Shastras, there should be no dirt at the main door of the house. Many people keep a dustbin at the main door of their house. By keeping the dustbin there, the happiness and prosperity of the house starts to be lost and   Negative energy resides in the house.

2. Keep shoes away from the main door
Often everyone has a habit of taking off their shoes and slippers from the main door of the house and going inside the house. But this habit is completely wrong. If the shoes and slippers are at the door, then Lakshmi Mata gets angry and along with the financial crisis in the house, mutual estrangement starts increasing among the people of the house.

3. It is inauspicious to keep a broom at the main door
A broom should not be kept at the main door of the house, it is an inauspicious sign. The broom should always be kept hidden inside the house because the broom is considered to be a form of Lakshmi Mata, keeping it outside the house creates tension and discord.  

4. Do not keep damaged goods at the main door
Often people take out such things which are not of their use and keep them near the main door of the house. Doing this should be avoided because negative forces start entering the house.  

5. Mud and dirty water 
Mud and dirty water should not accumulate at the door of the house. Often when it rains, dirty water fills outside many people's homes, creating mud. This also brings negativity to the house. And everyone in the house starts getting sick. There is a crisis of economic conditions.

6. Do not keep these plants at the door of the house
Keeping trees and plants at the door of the house increases the beauty of the house four times, but sometimes beautiful things can also be dreadful. That's why do not plant trees and plants directly in front of the main door of the house, it is good to plant them at the corners of the door. Whereas trees and money plants full of thorns should not be planted outside the house at all. By doing this, Lakshmi goes away from home and the family becomes financially weak.

What to do for the main entrance of the house? 

1. Ganpati idol 
According to Vastu, Ganapati should be established at the main door of the house. By doing this, Lord Ganpati's blessings will always be on you. 

2. Beautiful flowers 
A plant of beautiful flowers should be planted at the main door of your house, this increases the beauty of the house and positive forces enter the house with the beautiful fragrance of these flowers.

3.  Havan 
According to Vastu Shastras, performing Havan destroys the negative energy of the house and positivity starts to reside in the house. The deities are pleased by performing Havan and fulfilling all the wishes of man.

4. Basil plant 
According to Vastu Shastras, the Tulsi plant is very auspicious; planting it outside the house, gets freedom from the tribulation and financial crisis in the house.

5. Satya and Om's picture on the door
A picture of Satya and Om should be made or put on the main door of your house. The sound of Om and its radiance spreads positivity far and wide. 

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