Vaishakh Amavasya 2023: Know The Date Auspicious Time And Rituals

 Vaishakh Amavasya 2023: Know The Date Auspicious Time And Rituals

The second month of the Hindu year is called Vaishakh. The religious belief holds that the Treta Yuga began this month. Because of this, Vaishakh Amavasya has a greater religious significance than before. In South India, Shani Jayanti is celebrated on Vaishakh Amavasya. Amavasya is regarded as a highly lucky day for doing religious duties, taking a bath, and making offerings to the ancestors. To remove Kaal Sarp Dosh from a person's horoscope, astrological remedies are also carried out on Amavasya Tithi.
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Vaishakh Amavasya 2023: Tithi and Shubh Time
Vaishakh Amavasya tithi begins: on April 19, 2023, from 11:25 AM
Vaishakh Amavasya tithi ends: on April 20, 2023, at 09:41 AM 

Vaishakh Amavasya Fasting and Rituals
Fasting must be observed on every new moon day for the salvation of ancestors. The religious rituals to be performed on Vaishakh Amavasya are as follows-

➡ On this day, take a bath in a river, reservoir or pool, etc., and offer Arghya to the Sun God and float sesame seeds in the flowing water.

➡ For the peace of the soul of ancestors, do tarpan, observe fast, and give charity to poor people. 

➡ As Vaishakh Amavasya also marks Shani Jayanti, Shani Dev should be worshipped by being given sesame seeds, oil, flowers, etc.

➡ On the new moon day, water should be offered to the Peepal tree in the morning and a lamp should be lit in the evening.

➡ A poor person or a Brahmin should donate food and clothes and grains as per his capacity.

What things are to be taken care of on Amavasya? 
On Vaishakh Amavasya, there are some things that you can do and some things that you shouldn't according to our online astrologers

Things to Do: 
➡ You should take an early morning bath on this day. 
➡ Worship God and meditate.
➡ Go to temples and worship.
➡ Read the scriptures and know what to do and what not to do on Vaishakh Amavasya.
➡ This day is a good day to donate. You may benefit yourself and others by donating.

Things to Avoid:
➡ Non-vegetarian food should not be eaten on the day of Vaishakh Amavasya.
➡ Wicked and unrighteous deeds should not be done.
➡ Don't consume alcohol and drugs.
➡ All these things are considered important not only for good deeds but also from a religious point of view on the day of Vaishakh Amavasya.

Measures to be taken on Vaishakh Amavasya 2023
Vaishakh Amavasya is an important religious festival, which holds its importance in Indian culture. This festival is celebrated on Amavasya Tithi and certain measures are taken on this day, which can help in bringing happiness and prosperity to the life of the native. Some of the remedies that can be done on the day of Vaishakh Amavasya are:

Bathing: Bathing in the river Ganges on this day gives auspicious results. This bath gets rid of all the defects of the body and brings prosperity to life.

Donating: Giving on this day bears many benefits. Depending on your ability and power, you can donate food, clothing, money, or other items.

Worship: Worshiping on Vaishakh Amavasya fulfills all kinds of wishes.

Chanting mantras: Chanting mantras on Vaishakh Amavasya brings wealth, prosperity, health, and happiness.

Fasting: Keeping fast on the day of Vaishakh Amavasya is beneficial for the native.

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Astrological Significance of Vaishakh Amavasya
In Hindu tradition, Vaishakh Amavasya has significant astrological importance. On this day, specific astrological yogas are formed that are thought to be favorable for performing certain special activities. On the new moon day of the Vaishakh month, the Sun and Moon are at their greatest points, which is significant from an astrological perspective. On this day, specific measures are taken to get rid of Kaal Sarp Dosh if in a person’s Horoscope. 

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