Unable to Sleep? Here are 7 Astrological Secretes For Sound Sleep!

 Unable to Sleep? Here are 7 Astrological Secretes For Sound Sleep!

The biggest happiness after a tiring day is good and restful sleep. Sleep is an excellent remedy for the satisfaction of the mind. Not only for physical but also for good mental health, everyone needs a few peaceful hours of sleep and rest to restore energy in the body. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to sleep well. So if you are devoid of sound sleep for long. Just don’t worry, now you can follow 7 effective astrological remedies for good and sound sleep.

Our online astrologers say that by getting a good night's sleep, many problems in life can be resolved. Let’s explore a few of them. 

Good sleep hygiene is essential
You should take care of some things before sleeping. The first measure that one should consider is that you clean your bed thoroughly before sleeping. Additionally, before going to bed, avoid placing anything on your bed that astrological scriptures forbid having there when sleeping. When you get rid of these items from your bed, you'll notice a lot more positive changes in your life.

Avoid keeping money close to your head.
Before sleeping, check that there is no money, wallet, or purse under your pillow. Money is believed to be a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and should be kept in a cupboard or a place where you keep your money most of the time. Never hold money under your head while you are sleeping since it is seen to be an affront to Goddess Lakshmi and God Kuber and it may result in a future financial problem.

Do not keep sharp objects near the head 
Keeping sharp things near the forehead is also harmful, it can harm your body and it is not considered good for your future.

Do not keep a chain or any kind of rope near the head while sleeping
Before sleeping, make sure that there are no chains or ropes near your bed or pillow. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping such things near the head brings difficulties in life. Also, it disturbs your sound sleep which may lead to difficulties. So if you want to stay peaceful, happy and healthy, and successful at large then consider keeping such sharp objects away from you while sleeping. 

Avoid keeping gadgets near your head 
Scientists also advise not to keep any modern gadgets near the head. On the other hand, it is not considered auspicious according to Vastu, as these modern gadgets are constantly active, due to which, can affect your sleep as well, and along with it, your mental state can also be affected badly. That's why these things should not be kept near the bed and should be kept away from you while sleeping.
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Avoid keeping Newspaper near the pillow
If you have a habit of keeping newspapers, magazines, etc. under your head, then get rid of this habit soon. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping these things around the pillow can bring negative changes in your life. Instead, keep some kind of religious book under your head, it is considered auspicious.

Do not keep mortar near the head
Mortar or simply ‘Okhli’ is a daily usable thing but keeping it around the head can prove to be quite fatal. According to Vastu, if the mortar is placed around your bed, it can have a negative effect on family relationships. It can also seriously interfere with your sleep. So stay away from it.

Keep water around your bed
If you want to sleep well, keep water near your bed or pillow. Water is a useful option if you must keep something around your head. It is believed that putting a water-filled container next to your head while you sleep promotes deep sleep without disturbing it.

These were some useful astrological remedies for good sleep. For more solutions and remedies, you can talk to astrologer online at Myastroguruji. And don’t forget to Download the app for such a consultation. 

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