The Rarest 5 Planets Conjunction in March! Know Spiritual And Astrological Significance

 The Rarest 5 Planets Conjunction in March! Know Spiritual And Astrological Significance

Soon after the Cosmic dance that was performed by the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter Conjunction on March 1st March in the starting weeks they were aligned with the moon throughout February and inching closer to each other. Now again another cosmic spectacle of 5 planets—- Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will be joined by the moon in the night sky on 28th March 2023. This is again auspicious conjunction as is likely to occur in the ongoing pious week of Navratri. 
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On 28th March, it is the 7th day of Navratri which is dedicated to the Goddess Kaalratri, the most ferocious form of Goddess Durga. She is a huge representation of destruction where Kala means death, and Ratri stands for darkness. Thus, Kalaratri is the one who brings the 'death of darkness' and evil. 

How will the planets dance in the night sky? 
➡ According to astronomical data, planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus will be visible to the naked eye on 28 March soon after sunset.
➡ It will be easier to see Jupiter than Mercury. The most visible planet overall would be Venus.
➡ To the top left of Jupiter and Mercury, Venus will appear brighter.
➡ Venus will dazzle more than any other planet, making it visible to the naked eye.
➡ The hardest planet to find without any visual aids would be Uranus. Uranus will be hardly visible while Venus is close by.
➡ Moreover, Mars will be clearly visible and seem high in the sky.

Astrological Significance of these 5 Dazzling planets 
1. Mercury:
It is regarded as the ruler of the 3rd house and is also considered the planet of day-to-day expression and relationships and communication in Astrology. Goddess Maha Gauri simplifies this planet.    

2. Venus: It is a 'beauty' planet in Astrology that rules love and luxury. Moreover, it governs your relationship with money, aesthetics, and what you find lavish. Goddess Katyayani signifies Venus.   

3. Jupiter: Jupiter is a planet that represents growth, expansion, healing, wealth, good fortune, and miracles in astrology. Jupiter is in charge of long-distance and international travel, big businesses and wealth, higher learning, religion, and the law. Goddess Kushmanda represents this planet. 

4. Mars: In astrology, this planet explains your sexuality, your energy, your innermost desires, and how you act to fulfill them, as well as how you handle and express your anger and aggressiveness. Goddess Skandamata portrays mars.

5. Uranus: In astrology, Uranus is referred to as the "Awakener," and it governs the ideas of originality, innovative or unusual thoughts, and uniqueness. The planet Uranus is the one that rules genius. 

Why planet's Conjunction occurs in the sky? 
The conjunction of the planets happens frequently in the solar system because they "follow similar paths across our sky because they orbit around the Sun in about the same plane, the ecliptic plane," according to NASA.

The Bright Venus ( love planet) View 
On Friday, March 24, a brilliant spot appeared beneath a flawless crescent moon, capturing the attention of people. It was also a great representation of love ruling the mind, where the moon represents the mind and Venus love. This phenomenon, which was visible throughout most of India, is referred to as the Lunar Occultation of Venus in astronomy.

The moon's orbital alignment with Venus and Earth causes this to occur. The moon is in front of Venus when they are aligned in a straight line, blocking it from our view.

The Final Cosmic Climax in the Night Sky?   
Tuesday, March 28
A rare astronomical event will occur on March 28, 2023, when Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and the moon will line up in an arc after sunset. Due to the presence of Uranus, one of the most difficult planets to see from Earth, this planetary alignment is incredibly unique and special. 

Unfortunately, you won't be able to view three of them since Jupiter and Mercury will be too low in the sky after sunset and will swiftly set below the horizon. Moreover, a telescope is required to see Uranus.

What will happen if you miss the Conjunction Climax? 
If you missed it watching by any chance then you have to wait for the next planetary alignments that will occur on —-
On April 11, Mercury, Uranus, Venus, and Mars alignment
On April 11 – Mercury, Uranus, Venus, and Mars alignment 
April 24 – Mercury, Uranus, Venus, and Mars alignment  
May 29 – Uranus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn’s alignment  
June 17 – Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn alignment  
July 26 – Mercury, Venus, and Mars alignment  
Miniature alignment of rising Saturn, setting Mars, and setting Mercury on August 24.

For more information just “Stay Tuned” and keep seeking the right astrology online consultation anytime. 

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