Sita Navami 2023: Know Date, Auspicious Time, Puja Rituals, And Significance

 Sita Navami 2023: Know Date, Auspicious Time, Puja Rituals, And Significance

Sita Navami is celebrated as the birthday of Mother Sita, an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi and wife of Lord Rama. This day is also known as Sita Jayanti or Janaki Navami. It is said that Goddess Sita appeared as a child to King Janak, who rescued the child and brought her up as his daughter. Let us know more about Sita Navami 2023.
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Sita Navami 2023: Shubh Muhurat Time
Sita Navami is celebrated on the Shukla Paksha of the Vaishakh month of the Hindu calendar, the Shukla Paksha of the moon, and the Navami Tithi.

Sita Navami 2023: 29 April 2023, Saturday
Sita Navami 2023 Madhyahna Muhurta: 11:05 AM to 01:34 PM
Sita Navami 2023 Midday Moment: 12:20 PM

Astrological Significance of Sita Navami
Goddess Sita is said to have been born in Pushya Nakshatra and, Lord Rama was also born in this auspicious period in the Hindu month of Chaitra. Mother Sita was born on Tuesday, while Lord Rama was born on Navami Tithi. Additionally, the marriage of Goddess Sita and Lord Rama was conducted during the Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Sita Jayanti falls exactly one month after Rama Navami as per the Hindu calendar.

The personality of people born under Pushya Nakshatra
If you are born in Pushya Nakshatra then you are ruled by the planet Jupiter, the lord of celestial and knowledge. A person born under Pushya Nakshatra is nurtured by nature itself. During this time Sita Devi took birth on earth, and she remained sensible, humble, genuine, and devoted to Lord Rama.

Men born under Pushya Nakshatra 
Men born in this period are self-respecting. They are eager to know the opinion of others about themselves. Before starting any work, they do not think about any kind of ups and downs. They are often not aware of their expertise, strengths, and capabilities. But overall they like to move forward till they get success.

Women born under Pushya Nakshatra  
Women born at this time are delicate, sweet, and dignified personalities. They should be conscious of their well-being as they are likely to suffer from health-related problems. If you were born in Pushya Nakshatra and are a newly married Hindu woman, you are in luck. In any case, you should worship Goddess Sita and do the Sita Navami Puja to ensure your life partner's long life and success to improve your luck. 
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Benefits of Sita Navami
Performing Sita Navami celebrations with dedication will help you achieve well-being, wealth, and happiness. Married women are likely to be attracted to qualities like austerity, humility, motherhood, and devotion.

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Sita Navami 2023 Rituals

➡ On the occasion of Sita Navami married women should offer prayers to Goddess Sita, Lord Rama, and Lakshmana ji. 

➡ During this puja, a small puja mandap with 4 pillars is made and decorated with flowers, which is one of the important customs of Sita Jayanti.

➡ Place idols of Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, Lakshmana, Lord Hanuman, and King Janak inside the mandap.

➡ Worship Mother Earth as Goddess Sita appeared from the farmland.

➡ Start worshiping Maa Sita and Lord Rama together to invite happiness, joy, and prosperity into your married life.

➡ Offer rice, sesame, barley, and fruits to the deities and perform puja.

➡ Prepare a special Bhog in the form of a prasad and offer it to the deities.

➡ It is considered auspicious to perform rituals like Shringar Darshan, Mahaabhishekam, and Divya Aarti in the temple of Lord Rama on this day.

➡ Recite Ramayana and sing devotional songs.

➡ Donating jaggery, barley, or rice to the needy or feeding cows is considered pious.

➡ Open the fast of Sita Navami by consuming Prasad at the right time.

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