Significance of various pooja rituals

 Significance of various pooja rituals

Significance of various pooja rituals

Burning camphor
Burn camphor every morning and evening at the time of Sandhya Vandana in the house. In Hinduism, at the time of sandhyavandan or worship, there is a tradition of burning camphor after taking aarti. Camphor has a special significance in religious works like worship, aarti, etc. Burning camphor before sleeping at night is even more beneficial.

Camphor is very important for eradicating the Vastu defects of the house. If stairs, toilets, or doors have been constructed in any wrong direction, then keep one-one piece of camphor everywhere. The camphor kept there will miraculously remove the Vastu defects.

Hanuman Chalisa Reading
Hanuman Chalisa should be read daily with Sandhyavandan. Worship is done in the morning or evening either at home or in the temple. By reciting Hanuman Chalisa in pure spirit and calmly, one is blessed under the grace of Hanumanji, which saves us from all kinds of mishaps.


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Incense, lamp, sandalwood, kumkum, ashwagandha, water, agar, camphor, jaggery, ghee, flower, fruit, panchamrit, Panchagavya, naivedya, havan, conch shell, bell, rangoli, garland, courtyard-adornment, basil, tilak, The leaves of Mauli, Swastika, Om, Peepal, Mango and Kale have great importance in Hinduism. The VaishvadevYagya is completed by offering some quantity of food to the fire before taking food.

Apart from this, the dish of jaggery and ghee
In Hinduism, there is a lot of importance given to lighting incense or earthen lamp. In general, incense is used in two ways. The first one is mixed with guggul-camphor, while the second is mixed with jaggery-ghee and is kept on the burner. Here, the incense given with jaggery-ghee and rice has special significance.

Things that need to keep in mind while doing dhoopbatti
If you are not able to burn incense sticks every day, then you must burn on Teras, Chaudas, Amavasya, and Purnima in the morning and evening. Incense burning in the morning is for the gods, while incense burnt in the evening is for the ancestors. Burning incense for ancestors only in the Shraddha Paksha will be good.

Clean the house before burning the dhoopbatti and using it in the entire house. Only after you have bathed should you use incense sticks. Make use of incense sticks only in the northeast. The fragrance of incense should spread in all the rooms of the house. Music should not be played until the whole incense stick is burnt and until its effect lasts. Talk as less as you can during this time.


Casting off evil eye using coconut
Take a coconut that has most of the water and move it 21 times in the round direction around yourself. After that, go to some deity and burn it in the fire. Do this to a member of the family who is in trouble.

The above remedy is to be done on Tuesdays or Saturdays. By doing this on 5 Saturdays, you will get rid of sudden troubles in life. The remedy is useful if somebody's health isn't doing good.

Visit the temple every Thursday
There is a mention of going to Shiva's temple on Monday, Hanuman's temple on Tuesday, Durga's temple on Wednesday, Kali and Lakshmi's temple on Friday, Shani's temple on Saturday, and Vishnu's temple on Sunday. Thursday is considered the day of the Gurus. However, the importance of Thursday is not because it is the day of the gurus.

Crows signify Saturn. Offering boiled rice to crows on Saturday is very effective since Saturn rules over our professional life in Astrology. Saturn gets satisfied, and it pacifies as the crow is served.

To have a better love life and avoid problems in your love life, donate rice and besan on Thursdays to Sadhus, priests, etc.

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