Shani Jayanti 2023: What to Offer to Please Shani Dev?

 Shani Jayanti 2023: What to Offer to Please Shani Dev?

Shani Dev is the child of Suryadev and Mata Chhaya. According to the Hindu calendar, Shani Jayanti is celebrated every year on the new moon day of the Krishna Paksha of Jyestha month. For this reason, this date has special importance and Lord Shani Dev is specially worshiped on this day. This year Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on 19 May 2023. In astrology, Shani Dev has got the status of Karmaphal Daata and is known for doing Justice to the people based on karmic actions.   
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There is a lot of change in the life of the natives due to the effect of Shani Sadhesati and Dhaiya. For those people who have any defect related to Shani Sade Sati and Shani Dosh in their life, then to reduce it, worshiping them on Shani Jayanti is considered very beneficial. By taking some measures related to Shani, you get the special blessings of Shani Dev.

Significance of Shani 
Shani Jayanti is a very important festival in Hinduism, which is celebrated with devotion every year on the new moon day of Jyestha month. This festival is related to the birth of Shani Dev, which is celebrated as his birth anniversary. Shani Dev is very different from other planets, as he is not considered an auspicious planet. People celebrate Shani Jayanti religiously and in this festival, they worship Lord Shani. 

On this day people offer various things to worship and please Lord Shani. Along with this, some people even keep fast on this day. 

According to Hinduism, Lord Shani is the god of darkness and can have a bad impact on anyone. Because of this, people particularly adore him on Shani Jayanti and offer prayers to him for favorable outcomes.
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Shani Jayanti Date and Puja Muhurat 2023
Jyestha Amavasya date - May 18 at 9.43 pm
Jyeshtha Amavasya's date ends - on May 19 at 09:21 pm
On May 19, Shani Jayanti will be observed according to Uday Tithi. 

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How to celebrate Shani Jayanti 2023?
Following are the rules to celebrate Shani Jayanti—-

Keeping a fast: On the day of Shani Jayanti, some people keep a fast in the name of Shani Dev. This fast is observed from evening till the next day evening. In this fast, Lord Shani is worshiped and some special mantras are chanted.

Donating: Donating on the day of Shani Jayanti is also considered very important. Usually, food, clothes, things of need, etc. are donated.

Worshiping: Chanting and worshiping the idol of Shani Dev along with his mantras is considered auspicious on Shani Jayanti.

How to please Shani dev
In the scriptures, there is special importance in worshiping Lord Shani on Shani Jayanti. On the day of Shani Jayanti— 

➡ Wake up early in the morning and wear clean clothes, and first offer water to the Sun God. 
➡ Then after this go to the temple near your house and light a mustard oil lamp to Shani Dev. 
➡ Followed by, mixing black sesame seeds and blue-colored flowers in water and offering them to Shani Dev. 
➡ Chant the mantras that belong to Shani Dev after this, and then recite the Shani Aarti and Hanuman Chalisa at the end. 
➡ This helps you to seek the best blessings from the planet of Justice. 

Mantras related to Shani Dev
➡ Om Pram Prim Pram Sah Shanaishcharaya Namah.
➡ Om Shan Shanishcharaya Namah.
➡ Om Nilanjan Samabhasan Raviputram Yamagrajam. Chhayamartand Sambhutam and Namami Shanaishcharam. 
➡ Om Shannodeveer-Bhishtaya'Apo Bhavantu Peetaye Shanyyorbhistravantunah.
➡ Om Bhagabhavaya Vidmahai Mrityurupaya Dhimahi Tanno Shani: Prachodyat.
➡ Om Pram Prim Pram S: Shanaishcharaya Namah.

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