Plant Astrologically Beneficial Trees on International Day of Forest 2023

 Plant Astrologically Beneficial Trees on International Day of Forest 2023

World Forestry Day or International Forest Day is celebrated every year on March 21, the main purpose of celebrating it is to explain the importance of forests to different countries of the world and to get the contribution of society for their conservation. Along with humans, animals, water, soil, air, trees, and forests also have an important contribution and importance in maintaining the balance on the earth. And similarly, in Astrology to fetch luck. 

The theme for each International Day of Forests is chosen by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF). This year the theme of World Forestry Day 2023 is 'Forests and health'. So on this auspicious occasion let’s know which lucky trees and plants can bring wealth home and will be beneficial in terms of luck based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries people should plant a mango plant around the entrance of the house. People of this zodiac can also plant the Amla plant to avoid diseases.

The people of Taurus should plant a tree of sycamore, Ashoka, or Jamun around their house. They destroy negative energy around your home.

The people of the Gemini zodiac should plant bamboo or banyan tree in the middle or back side of the house. This destroys the fear of the enemy.

Those with cancer should plant peepal or amla plants. This is claimed to eliminate illnesses and provide mental tranquility.

Planting berries or banyan trees outside the home is advised for those born under the sign of Leo. It is said that its leaves kill gall-related illnesses and promote a person's cerebral development.

Guava and vine plants are suitable for Virgos to grow outside or close to their homes. This eliminates the fear of the enemy as well as ailments linked to the Vata dosha.

Maulsiri or Chiku trees should be planted all around the homes of anyone born under this sign. According to Astrology, one can be freed from previous birth defects by cultivating this plant.

Neem trees should be planted in front of or near the homes of those born under the sign of Scorpio. Owing to this, gout ailments are cured, and the person's reputation also rises.

Kadamba or Guggal trees should be planted by Sagittarius natives. This helps to broaden a person's knowledge and sharpens their intelligence.

A jackfruit tree can be planted in front of the house by those born under this sign. As a result, issues with wealth, happiness, and success are resolved. Money will always be plentiful in a person's home.

Aquarius people should grow mango or Shami trees in their home courtyard. A person's financial situation is improved as a result. A pauper's feet never touch their doorstep.

Neem trees should be planted in front of every Pisces person's home. This promotes the development of intelligence and the eradication of illnesses.
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Tree planting rules
According to Astrology, it is recommended not to plant trees and saplings right in front of the main door of the house. Consider Planting plants in Brahma Muhurta or in the evening only. Never plant milky or thorny plants in the home. Offer water to trees and plants daily. It is best to worship that plant on a respective day.

The main purpose to observe the International Day of the forest is to convey a message to the people of society not to cut trees indiscriminately after planting trees, while many types of awareness programs are also run for forest conservation. It not only balances the amount of oxygen on earth but also proves to be auspicious and lucky in luck. 
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