National Tourism Day 2023: Where to travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

 National Tourism Day 2023: Where to travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Do you have a special affinity for roads, Dear Hodophile? If yes then you are an adventurous spirit who might be waiting for some good occasions to plan a destination trip. In the same view, what can be a better day other than National Tourism Day which falls in the month of January— A month of beautiful snowfall in India? remember? Every year on January 25, the nation observes National Tourism Day to recognize India's beauty and raise awareness of the value of tourism. The 2023 year’s theme for National Tourism Day is ‘Rural and Community Centric Tourism’.

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When it comes to Astrology Sagittarius is the freaking one known for high risk-taking, having a thirst for travel, and freely flying like butterflies to different places holding up radical optimism. In addition, other zodiacs too have different and unique crazes to explore different destinations.   

If you want to travel and explore the world, this national tourism day then India is a great place to go. There are countless interesting destinations to visit, each with its unique culture and history. Which makes it overwhelming to know where to start. But now your travel horoscope for the year can help you decide on the best.  

So as per the horoscope analysis by our experts peeping for destinations according to your own zodiac sign can be great fun. There are a total of 12 Zodiacs and everyone has a different perspective, meaning, taste, and purpose for travel. So keep reading the article to discover some interesting new places and their taste that you can probably sense opting to visit confidently. 

Let your Horoscope decide where you will probably be travelling in 2023. 

Aries- Ladakh

The natives born between 21 March to 19 April, possess Aries as their zodiac sign. Known for their boldness, activeness, and impulsive nature. Therefore, Ladakh is the best destination where you will be travelling in 2023. Which suits your energetic personality. The major places that form the centre of attraction for tourists are Zanskar Valley, Spituk Gompa, Nubra Valley, Hemis National Park, Khardung La Pass, Magnetic Hill, etc.

Taurus- Amritsar

The natives born between 20 April to 20 May have Taurus as their zodiac sign. They are generally steady, composed, and generous and love to explore the blissful beauty of religious places like Amritsar. The major tourist attractions like the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and Wagah Border are the center of attraction for you this year. 

Gemini- Meghalaya

Born between 21 May to 20 June makes you a proud, intelligent, sociable, interactive, extroverted Gemini by zodiac. Meghalaya is recognized as one of the greatest destinations to visit if you want to see amazing waterfalls, gorgeous roads, and welcoming people.

Cancer- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Being born between 21 June to 22 July makes you a sensitive, caring, nurturing, and compassionate Cancerian. Since cancer is a  cardinal water sign, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is an ideal vacation spot for you where you will probably be travelling this year. So tight your belts for all the incoming fun and adventure.

Leo- Udaipur

Born between 23 July to 22 August makes you an imaginative, dramatic, and passionate Leo. As per your horoscope, you will be travelling to Udaipur this year. It is regarded as one of the top holiday destinations for you. The picturesque beauty of Udaipur suits your imaginative personality.     

Virgo- Alleppey (Alappuzha)

Born between 23 August to 22 September makes you a Down-to-earth, practical, systematic, supportive, and easygoing Virgo zodiac. So in 2023, you're going to God's own kingdom, Kerala. Alleppey is famous for its backwaters and houseboat cruises, both of which are popular worldwide.

Libra- Jaipur 

Being born between 23 September to 22 October makes you a social, knowledgeable, and hedonistic Libra zodiac who will be travelling to "Pink City" yes you got it right it's Jaipur. It is a place that is full of beautiful historic monuments, rich culture, shopping centers everywhere, and full of vibes.  

Scorpio- Hampi 

Born between 23 October to 21 November makes you a secretive, spontaneous, powerful, passionate, and thoughtful Scorpio. Therefore, Hampi is your lucky place to visit this year. It is one of the popular places in Karnataka India that is also very famous amongst hippies around the world.

Sagittarius- Goa

Born between 22 November to 21 December makes you freakingly Adventurous, fun-loving, cheerful, and friendly Sagittarian so according to your travel horoscope there is no better place than Goa for them to visit this year.  People having Sagittarius as their zodiac sign are mostly adventurous, fun-loving, cheerful, fun, & friendly and there is no better place than Goa for them. Hence, Sagittarius will be travelling to Goa in 2023. Goa provides pleasure, nature, adventure, magnificent historical beauty, and everything else a Sagittarius trip could possibly need.

Capricorn- Rishikesh

Born between 22 December to 19 January makes you a reliable, ambitious, serious, and disciplined Capricorn. As a result, their horoscope indicates that Rishikesh is the greatest place for them to live because it offers everything from a calming place to meditate to an adventure land where you can do river rafting, skydiving, trekking, etc. 

Aquarius- Kullu Manali

Born between 20 January to 18 February makes you an independent, smart, witty, and easy-going Aquarius. As per your yearly horoscope by date of birth, Kullu Manali is considered one of the best destinations in India for you to explore in 2023. 

Pisces- Varanasi

Born between 19 February to 20 March makes you one of the most sensitive, spiritual, and artistic Pisces. Hence Varanasi is the best and most suitable place for you to explore in 2023. Varanasi offers the purest kind of spirituality as it is one of the oldest cities on earth.


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