Mercury Transit in Pisces: Check All Your Wealth And Business Aspects

 Mercury Transit in Pisces: Check All Your Wealth And Business Aspects

In astrology, Mercury is popularly known as the planet of communication. It is considered the guru of all other planets. It generally regulates and governs a person's intellect, mentality, analytical abilities, reaction, learning, speech, grasping capacity, central nervous system, body language, impression, etc. And on March 16, Mercury leaves Aquarius and transits to Pisces. 

Date and timings of Mercury transit in Pisces
The Mercury transit in Pisces will happen on March 16 at 10.54 am where it will combine with Sun in Pisces. Sun has transited to Pisces on 15th March. Mercury will remain in Pisces till noon on 31st March. After that, it will soon enter its friendly sign Aries at 03.01 pm.

Our online astrologers explain that the transit of Mercury in Pisces can be beneficial for the natives of the 5 zodiac signs and these zodiacs are:
1. Taurus, 
2. Cancer, 
3. Scorpio, 
4. Capricorn, and 
5. Pisces. 

As a result of which these zodiacs will experience many positive influences and benefits in wealth, investment, business, and fame. Is your zodiac sign one of the five that could experience a boost in income, fame, and business due to Mercury's transit in Pisces? Ok so read till the end to find out how the mercury transit will affect you and in what terms. 

Mercury transit 2023: Impacts on zodiacs 
1. Taurus: Due to the transit of Mercury in Pisces, there is a possibility of monetary gain for the people of Taurus. Especially you can get help from any of your friends. Time is good for investment, which will be profitable in the future. Your reputation and fame will rise. It's feasible for you to receive a prize or distinction.

2. Cancer: The Mercury transit can make it so possible for Cancerians to travel abroad. If you want to study abroad then your dream can come true. Business people can get new proposals to increase their work. Will be engaged in religious works.

3. Scorpio: Mercury's transit can produce favorable outcomes for anyone involved in the business. To advance your business, you can either receive a substantial investment or a proposition for a partnership. You may benefit from this in the long run. During this period, stay away from stock market investments. You can make a love proposal to someone.

4. Capricorn: Mercury's transit may result in an improvement in the status and reputation of natives working in the educational field. Individuals who work for or are employed by the government will succeed in their careers. Your power would have grown during this period. The delicacy of speech can accomplish a great deal of work.

There will be indications of favorable outcomes for Pisceans. These are as follows– 

5. Pisces: Mercury's change of sign can be advantageous for anyone connected to the business. People might, however, find your business decisions odd. Your speech will have more impact. The marriage issue can be verified. In addition, individuals who are in romantic relationships will see progress in their love stories. As a result of this transit other changes and influences can be seen on these natives like— 

➡ Promotions and better positions within the company are both possible for employees.
➡ Individuals who are active on social media may see a rise in followers.
➡ Individuals who own businesses can make more money, and their income can also rise.
➡ As of the right moment, the situation for people whose marriage is being postponed may improve.
➡ Studying students are also capable of performing well on exams.

More details and information related to any transit, daily life issues, marriage, and love concerns can be consulted with ease. You can freely seek astrology online consultation today!    

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