Mercury Transit in Gemini 2023: These Zodiac People be on Alert!

 Mercury Transit in Gemini 2023: These Zodiac People be on Alert!

Mercury is regarded as the prince of the planets in Vedic Astrology. Gemini and Virgo are the signs that Mercury rules. Mercury is the planet that is closest to the Sun, and it stands for a person's intelligence, wisdom, and humor. People with a strong Mercury in their horoscopes are bright, knowledgeable, and clever. However, the native has anxiety and trouble making decisions due to Mercury's unfavorable position in the horoscope. 

Mercury's transit through Gemini will begin on June 24, 2023. All 12 zodiac signs might be affected positively or negatively by Mercury's transit through Gemini, but these 2 zodiac sign people need to take extra precautions with their careers and health. Let’s know about those two zodiac people who need to stay on alert.  

Apart from knowing the effects and influences on you as a result of the transits. Along with this keep checking and reading your monthly prediction by date of birth.              

Mercury Transit in Gemini Time 
On June 24th, 2023, at 12:35 PM, Mercury will transit into Gemini. It will stay there until July 8th, 2023, at 12:05 PM, when it transits into Cancer, the sign that the Moon rules. 

1. Gemini
A challenging period may begin for Gemini natives as a result of Mercury's entering the sign on June 24. Your work can become stalled during this period, and your finances and economic condition will likely be poor. Whatever effort you put forth will not appear to be fruitful.

Your zodiac sign may also experience difficulties in their professional lives. So you are advised not to decide in such a circumstance hastily. Never make a rash investment or lend money to anyone. A financial loss is possible. Additionally, between June 24 and July 8, your health may suffer. Never take a medication without consulting your doctor first.

What remedies are to be practiced? 
Mercury's negative impacts may be having an adverse effect on you; in this case, you should worship Ganpati Bappa. Offer them 21 Modak and Durva knots. Vighnaharta's grace will enable tasks to be completed and problems to be solved. You can also observe a fast on Wednesday if you'd like. 
For more details, and other several ways to practice remedies you can connect and talk to astrologer online anytime.     

2. Leo
Sun, the planet that rules your sign, is friendly towards Mercury. However, the position of Mercury in Taurus may not be favorable for you. Those involved in business should pay attention to the period from June 24 to July 8. Because there is a potential that your firm will suffer a loss. The task that is done at this time won't be very successful. The time is not right now if you want to start or resume any new work or if you want to invest. You are therefore encouraged to wait gradually. 

You may likely encounter Skin problems during this transit time. Don't expose yourself to the sun's intense rays. Be mindful of cleanliness. Contact the doctor right away if there is an issue so that they can be discussed. Additionally, you may get seasonal illnesses. You should pay closer attention to how you eat. 

What remedies are to be practiced? 
On Wednesdays, you should observe a fast and recite the Beej Mantra of Mercury, "Om Bram Brim Braum Sah Budhay Namah." Offering to worship Lord Vishnu will also be beneficial in addition to this.

For a consultation, or guidance to life-related problems let it be career-related, marriage problems, financial problems, love problems and so on you can freely and easily ask our astrologers or opt to chat with astrologer online anytime. 


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