Know The Astrological Importance of Health on World Health Day 2023

 Know The Astrological Importance of Health on World Health Day 2023

World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7th April. The World Health Organization was established on this day. The foundation day of this organization is celebrated worldwide as World Health Day. According to the World Health Organization i.e. WHO, health does not only mean eating healthy but also keeping in mind that people all over the world are living a healthy and long life. 

New medicines, vaccines, methods, and machines can provide health facilities to people. It is the job of the World Health Organization to take care of all these things. So let's know what is the history of celebrating World Health Day, its significance, its Theme, and how can you keep your overall health in balance Astrologically. 
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History of World Health Day
The World Health Organization was established in 1948 by many countries around the world. So that people can able to get all health-related facilities. No one should be deprived of the treatment of disease in the world. World Health Day was celebrated for the first time in 1950, 2 years after the establishment of WHO. After that every year this day is celebrated as World Health Day.

Astrological Significance of Health 
Astrology is one of those subjects that can be used to understand someone's past, present, and future. Furthermore, it is possible to diagnose and treat all significant aspects of one's existence, including relationships, careers, and health.

In Astrology, the 6th house of the horoscope is considered to be of disease. The ruler of the 6th house, which is called Shasthesh, is the representative of the disease. If a benefic planet is affecting the 6th house in a person's birth chart, then such a native often suffers from diseases. On the contrary, if there is an effect of auspicious planets on the 6th house, in such a case a person leads a blissful and disease-free life. 

Know which disease is indicated when affected by the sixth house of which planet.

1. Sun: diseases related to the eyes and head
2. Moon: cold, insomnia, lung infection
3. Mars: high blood pressure, anemia, blood-related and heart-related diseases
4. Mercury: skin diseases, speech defects
5. Jupiter:  Stomach-related diseases, acidity. 
6. Venus: sexual diseases, urinary diseases
7. Shani: Gout-related diseases, pain in knees, trouble in feet, fracture of a bone, mental depression (depression)
8. Rahu: Madness, depression, accidental injury
9. Ketu: Anus-related diseases, piles, dental diseases

Mental Health and Anxiety: Astrological Significators

Mental Peace—The 4th House and Moon serves as the symbol of mental peace.

Emotional Peace— The horoscope's fifth house, which also features the moon, represents emotional health.

Nervous Control— The health of the body's nervous system is represented by the sixth house of astrology and Mercury.

Depression— The fifth house of astrology predicts depression.

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Astrological Remedies for Poor Mental Health
Our knowledgeable online astrologers have compiled a long list of remedies for illnesses affecting mental stability. A handful of those is listed below:
Worship of a hostile planet can cause fluctuations in energy.
You can receive many advantages by performing Nav Grah Puja to appease the nine planets.

➡ Moon has a significant impact on how mental health is affected, as was previously stated. Thus, having a Moon Yantra or Chandra Yantra can have beneficial effects.

➡ Don't forget to worship the gods associated with your Ascendant or your Lagna.

➡ Also, a gold elephant donation will appease the malefic planet in your horoscope. 

What the year 2023 Theme is? 
WHO has completed its 75 years this year. The theme of World Health Day in the year 2023 is 'Health for All'. It is clear from the theme of WHO that health is a basic need and everyone should get it without any difficulty.

Objective: No matter if it's Corona, TB, or life-threatening illnesses like cancer and AIDS. The proper medical facilities should be available to humans to combat all diseases. This goal is reflected in the theme for this year, Health for All. 

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