Kabir Das Jayanti 2023: Interesting And Inspiring Facts About Kabir Das

 Kabir Das Jayanti 2023: Interesting And Inspiring Facts About Kabir Das

Kabirdas is regarded as a 15th-century Indian mystic poet and saint. He is believed to have been born on this full moon day at the time of Brahmamuharta in 1398. Saint Kabir Das was a poet of the Bhakti period who devoted his whole life to removing the evils spread in society. Every year the full moon of Jyestha month is celebrated as Kabir Jayanti, the birth anniversary of Saint Kabir Das. This time the birth anniversary of Saint Kabir Das will be celebrated on 04 June 2023, Sunday. Nothing has been said exactly about his birth, but according to old evidence, Kabir Das ji was born in Kashi in 1398 AD and he died in 1518 AD at a place called Maghar.

He strongly opposed religious hypocrisy in his couplets. At the time of the birth of Kabir ji, evil practices, and hypocrisy had spread everywhere in society. Saint Kabir spent his whole life removing hypocrisy and superstition from society. His couplets help take the man out of darkness and show them the right path. His couplets were in very simple language. Even today people hum his couplets. So let's know the important facts related to the life of Kabir Das Ji on the auspicious occasion of Kabir Das Ji's birth anniversary.

➡ There is a difference of opinion among scholars regarding the birth of Kabir Das Ji. It is said that with the blessings of Ramanand Guru, he was born from the womb of a widowed Brahmin. It is said that fearing public shame, she left Kabir ji near a lake called Lahartara opposite Kashi. After which they were brought up by a weaver named Lei and Loima passing that way. Therefore, a few scholars hold the view that Kabir Ji was a Muslim by birth and gained knowledge from Guru Ramanand.

➡ Kabir ji is alleged to have been illiterate. All the couplets composed by him have been spoken from his own mouth. He removed the misconceptions prevalent in the minds of the people with his nectar speech and made a scathing attack on the fundamentalism of religion. He said many couplets to improve society, due to which he was called a social reformer. A community named Kabir Panth was established in the name of Saint Kabir. Lakhs of people even today follow this community. Even today. 

➡ Kabirdas Ji presented a great example of breaking the misconceptions about heaven and hell in society. Saint Kabir Das Ji, who spent his entire life in Kashi, chose a place for his last moments, which was a superstition in those days that dying there leads to hell.

➡ This year, Kabir Das Jayanti will be observed on Sunday, June 4, 2023. On the Jyestha Purnima holiday, Kabir Das was born. Because of this, Jyestha Purnima is chosen as the day to commemorate Kabir Jayanti, his birth anniversary. The primary poet of the Bhakti era and the father of the Gyanashrayi-Nirgun branch was Kabir Das. 

➡ He dedicated his entire life to ridding society of illicit behaviours. Couplets are still used to sing his tunes. Kabir Das Ji lived from 1398 to 1518 in Maghar after being born in Kashi.

➡ Saint Kabir, opposing hypocrisy, superstition, and personality worship throughout his life, taught people the lesson of unity through his Amritvani. Kabir's words continue to be like nectar, which is reviving man. The well-known couplets of Saint Kabir help to lead us from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.

➡ Throughout his life, Kabirdas Ji worked to promote love, peace, and togetherness among people. In addition to his sweet speech, he also endeavoured to dispel people's illusions by leading by example. Kabir Panth was also established in his name. Dharmdas collected his speeches in a book named "Bijak", which has three main parts - Sakhi, Sabad (post), and Ramani.

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