Ignoring These Things Can Bring Misfortune to Life!

 Ignoring These Things Can Bring Misfortune to Life!

According to astrology, some signs begin to appear before bad events begin in a person's life. Animals, plants, and the natural world all exhibit these signs. Many issues in a person's life can be resolved if the signs fetch bad luck and misfortune. Generally, people ignore such indications and take them for granted but actually, these signs are meant to bring some life-threatening and miss happenings to people and homes. 
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What is Bad Luck or Misfortune?
Undoubtedly, negative Karma or bad luck in short can appear in many different ways. That could lead to extreme poverty on the one hand. On the other side, it might result in a variety of illnesses, problems, and life troubles. According to astrology, misfortune is simply an accident or tragedy that typically happens when the celestial bodies or the planetary positions are not aligned in your favor. 

It might manifest itself in any way—tragic mishaps, bankruptcies, bankruptcy, robbery, dreadful animosity, or even the demise of a loved one. Even if we might not be able to completely avoid them, we could at least limit their effects by taking the necessary steps at the right time. 
Let’s discuss some of them in detail and stay on alert.   

Drying of Tulsi plant
In Hinduism, the Tulsi plant is considered a symbol of prosperity. It is a belief that in any house where Tulsi is worshipped, Goddess Lakshmi resides in that house. But the sudden drying of the Tulsi leaves is a sign of some misfortune and big trouble coming into the house.

According to Vastu shastra, one should keep in mind and make it crystal clear that if the basil or tulsi plant starts to shed and wither out of the blue, significant issues and problems come knocking at your door. No matter how much water you give your plant or how much attention you give it during this time, it wilts. When something is going to happen unlucky and disastrous in your house, this holy plant has the capacity to sense all the incoming troubles and impending crises. 
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Glass Shattering
Frequent breaking of glass in the house is considered inauspicious, it is believed that frequent breaking of glass can be a sign of some big problem coming into the house.

In Indian culture, the breaking of glass has long been considered unlucky and a warning that something unpleasant is about to occur. The idea that when a glass is broken, the person's spirit remains trapped in various locations throughout the glass is also widely held. Tradition holds that glass has the ability to absorb souls.

Vastu advises against keeping shattered glass within the home; instead, it should always be thrown out right away. Glass breaking or broken glass is recognized in Vastu as a mirror Vastu Dosh. Similarly to this, any window with broken glass must be repaired immediately.

Losing Gold
Gold is considered the form of Goddess Lakshmi. The loss of gold is linked to some big financial loss in the house. It is believed that the goddess Lakshmi leaves the house with losing of gold. This is the reason why women keep gold jewelry and accessories carefully.

An outdated calendar
It's believed that displaying an old calendar in your home would make you luckier than broken clocks. According to feng shui, using a timepiece improperly could result in bad luck, reduce prosperity, and even shorten your life. Make sure your home calendar doesn't become out of date if you prefer to be safe.

Sharing Pen
In life, the pen is given a lot of significance. The Vedas believe that borrowing or lending a pen to someone else can hamper your progress. So avoid sharing your pen with others.  

Bat Appearance
Usually bats stay away from the population, but if bats are seen around the house, it is considered a bad omen. This is considered a sign of some trouble coming into the house. 

Red Ants
The sudden appearance of red ants in the house is also considered a sign of some trouble coming into the house. Red ants indicate disputes and illness among the members of the household.

Crying of an owl 
According to astrology, if a person hears an owl's cries on a daily basis or sees an owl crying while staring at a house, that house will soon experience major difficulty. It is also believed that the owl’s cry signifies the death of a family member.    

Thus, it is advised not to take such warnings and unlucky indications so lightly because it may prove to be hard for you. For more information and details you can directly talk to astrologer free. 

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