How Will The Mercury Transit In Taurus 2023 Affect Your Coming Days?

 How Will The Mercury Transit In Taurus 2023 Affect Your Coming Days?

In Astrology, the planet Mercury has been considered the factor of logic, intelligence, and communication. Like other planets, they also keep changing zodiac signs regularly. Now Mercury is going to transit in Taurus on 7th June. According to astrology, whenever the planet Mercury transits in Taurus, the natives have to face both positive and negative consequences in their job-business and personal life. 
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In such a situation, it is necessary to take some special measures to avoid the inauspicious effects of this transit. This time Mercury transit is bringing inauspicious results for 5 zodiac signs and you may likely face chaos in your coming time. Read to know if are you the one who falls in this category. What are the measures to be taken to get rid of confusion and hard time? 

Mercury transit in Taurus Date and Time 
The planet Mercury will transit in Taurus on 7th June at 07.58 pm, Mercury will enter the house of its friendly planet Venus. Mercury will remain in Taurus till June 24. 

The transit of Mercury in Taurus (Budh Gochar 2023) will bring inauspicious results for the people of Aries. Because of this, there will be a dispute with the spouse of the natives and the troubles will increase in the house. You may face money-related problems, due to which you may feel a sense of insecurity. You may have to face failure in your career. You may feel difficulty in meeting the target in the office. You will be under mental stress. To deal with this situation, chant "Om Narasimhaya Namah" 41 times daily.

People of this zodiac sign will feel a lack of confidence and motivation in the workplace. You may have to face health-related problems along with family life. Your expenses may also increase more than before. It is possible that luck may not favor you in business and you may have to bear losses. You may be forced to take a loan from the bank to meet your needs. To remove inauspicious results, start chanting the "Om Namah Shivay" mantra 21 times daily.

In terms of health, this transit of Mercury in Taurus will be troublesome for you. During this period, you may have problems related to skin allergies and throat. You may also have complaints of cough and cold. Average progress can be seen in your career. Work pressure may increase on you. Stiff competition can be seen in business. As a remedy for this, start reciting Vishnu Sahasranamam daily.

As a result of the mercury transit the natives of the Scorpio zodiac do not seem to be getting lucky. Work pressure may increase on you. Your relations with seniors and colleagues at the workplace may get spoiled. In business, you could have to deal with tough competition. A lack of the anticipated outcome might cause disappointment to permeate the mind. It's possible that your investment will lose money. There can be differences with the partner. Chant the mantra "Om Bhaumaya Namah" 27 times daily to avoid inauspicious results.

For the people doing business, the transit of Mercury in Taurus will bring average results. You may have to face many challenges. In such a situation, you have to try to achieve your goals in business by planning. There is a possibility of a loss of money while traveling. Throat infection and skin-related problems can trouble you. There may be issues in love that need to be resolved. Start making donations to the elderly every Thursday as a cure.
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