How Tulsi Plant in Your Home Can Predict Upcoming Happenings!

 How Tulsi Plant in Your Home Can Predict Upcoming Happenings!

Tulsi is worshipped in every house and is considered very auspicious and a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi in the scriptures. It is believed that the Tulsi plant can sense the incoming happenings may they be bad or good. It starts giving you some signals. Something to be paid attention to is the instant when the Tulsi or basil plant starts drying and withering, in the house, it simply means that there will soon be conflict and severe crisis in your house. Keep in mind that when there is a crisis in your house, Tulsi starts withering, so do not ignore it.

If you have this plant in your home, try to figure out why it is changing every time you notice a difference in it. This plant also perceives those things which you cannot feel or see.

Besides, you can consult the right astrology online consultation for any Vastu tips about keeping the plants in the right direction to fetch luck. 

Why does Tulsi have an important place in Vastu Shastra? 
Tulsi keeps a great value In Vastu Shastra. In accordance with this, you can plant it wherever in your home, from the southeast to the northwest, to prevent the house from developing any problems. All forms of conflict can be resolved if the pot is kept close to the kitchen. It is recommended that your son keep it in front of the east-facing window if he is very obstinate.

What does the dried Tulsi in the home signify? 
According to Astrologers, you should be aware that poverty is beginning to linger in your home when basil begins to wither or dry up in your house. Tulsi withers because of the constant atmosphere of disturbance and hardship in the home. Moreover, Lakshmi also goes away from such houses and does not like to live in those houses.

Remember and make it clear in your head that the major issues and problems start knocking at your door if the basil plant begins to shed and wither out of the blue. In such a period, no matter how much water you provide to your plant and how much you take care of it, it wilts. This plant has the ability to feel the coming crisis which it senses when there is any problem in the house. 

How does Mercury regulate Tulsi? 
The atmosphere of unrest and poverty in the house is due to the planet Mercury. According to astrologers, the planet Mercury is the factor of trees and plants and its green colour. The only planet that can impart both positive and negative impacts from other planets to humanity is Mercury.

Why does the Tulsi plant die in my house?
Our experts say— As the planet, Mercury is connected with the colour green, which the plants and trees represent and are made of. Hence, the Tulsi plant dries as a result of Mercury. It is a planet that connects its people to both the positive and negative influences of other planets. This is the only influence of Mercury that causes the basil plant to produce flowers.


How is Tulsi lucky? 

Balances a child
Those whose children have deteriorated beyond limits, they should be fed 3 leaves of Tulsi to bring them under control and dignity. Eating these leaves will improve them and they will become obedient.

Business growth
If there is a continuous loss in your business and the sources of income in the house are also decreasing, then in such a situation you should plant basil in the southwest direction. Now offer sweets and raw milk every Friday. Give it to a beautiful woman. By doing this, your means of income will increase and you will start getting success in business as well.

Increases Respect and Dignity 
If your supervisor or a senior at work is bothering you, on Monday, tie 16 basil seeds in a white cloth and plant them in the office's vacant space or flower pot. Your respect in the workplace will rise as a result, and your superiors won't bother you.

Many physical benefits
Tulsi has many physical benefits. If a person with a respiratory illness sits next to it for a short while each day, their condition will improve. Eating on an empty stomach in the morning cleanses the blood, resolves the bile problem, and, if a person has diabetes, frees them of the disease.

For more suggestions regarding where, when, and how to plant and keep Tulsi in the house or in the office, you can freely talk to astrologer online.


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