How The Venus Transit In Cancer On 30 May 2023 Will Affect You?

 How The Venus Transit In Cancer On 30 May 2023 Will Affect You?

Venus is going to transit in Cancer. This Beauty planet will enter Moon's sign Cancer on 30th May 2023 at 7:39 pm and will remain in this sign till 7th July. This transit of Venus will affect all the zodiac signs. According to Vedic astrology, Venus is considered a teacher and a benefic planet. It governs beauty, pleasures, vehicles, travel, fine arts, marital relations, etc. Venus is also considered to have knowledge of both material and spiritual things. 
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When Venus is in an auspicious position in the birth chart, it enhances many qualities in the native such as making his nature more charismatic, and loving, and also gives him the ability to make others happy. Venus signifies the goddess of beauty and it stays in a sign for about 23 days. According to astrology, the lord of Libra and Taurus is Venus. 

On the other hand, the strong position of Venus encourages the person to perform well in his sports world and also improves his talent. As a result, the events of a person's life during the Venus transit are greatly influenced by the transit of Venus. As a result, people of about 5 zodiac signs are going to be very upset. Let us know on which zodiac signs the transit of Venus will have a negative effect.

Effects on Taurus 
With Venus moving into Cancer, the people of Taurus need to be a little careful with friends. You may get in trouble because of your friends. You are advised that in your love life also you need to work smoothly. During this, there will be some ups and downs in your love life. You are advised not to get over-excited about anything during this time, otherwise, you may be at a loss. During this period, you can spend a lot of money to fulfill your hobbies.

Effects on Leos 
Venus will transit with your zodiac sign in the 12th house. Because of this, you can be very expensive during this time. You may spend a lot of money to show off to others. During this, a lot of laziness will be seen inside you. Be careful with people of the opposite sex in the workplace. Don't get too entangled with them. With Venus moving into Cancer, your health will also remain soft. You may have problems related to cold and eyes.

Effects on Sagittarius  
Venus will transit in Cancer in the eighth house from your zodiac sign. In such a situation, you need to be very careful in financial matters. During this period, you can spend money secretly. You are advised not to spend money secretly. Because doing so may cost you dearly later. During this, avoid unethical activities. During this time, you can also argue with members of your family. If you interact with female coworkers positively, you won't run into as many problems. A little tension can also be present in your family life. People who are employed are encouraged to remain silent and carry on with their tasks.

Effects on Aquarius
The transit of Venus in Cancer will be retrograde from your zodiac sign. During this, you need to stay away from your opponents. Actually, your opponents will be very strong during this time. They can trouble you or harm you a lot. Also, from the point of view of health, this transit of Venus will not be favorable for you. You are advised to stay away from spicy food and adapt to regular exercise. Avoid getting into any new work or establishing a new business if you are thinking of the same. 

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