How the Placement of Shani in Your Horoscope Impacts Your Life?

 How the Placement of Shani in Your Horoscope Impacts Your Life?

In Astrology, the planet Saturn or Shani keeps different meanings with changing circumstances and its varying placements in different zodiacs and houses. This planet holds some unique importance and value as it rewards as well as punishes people based on their Karmic deeds. As a result of which few people view Shani as a planet that never does well for them while some natives are of the view that its results are according to their deeds. But the reality is that Shani Dev is the planet of justice as it gives results on the basis of one’s actions and karmic deeds. 

So, on the basis of its dual nature, the results of Shani Dev are different in different zodiac signs in the horoscope of a person says our online astrologers.
Read to find out what’s there for you.  

Saturn in Aries
For the person in whose horoscope Shani Dev is in Aries, there is a possibility of diseases related to the blood circulation cycle. Such people are often dissatisfied and show haste in doing everything. Mars, the lord of this zodiac, is the enemy of Shani Dev, so Saturn sitting in Aries is not considered good for any person.

Saturn in Taurus
Venus, the planet that rules Taurus, is friendly with Saturn. Saturn in Taurus generally makes a person cautious, wise, understanding, and tolerant. Such a person attracts more towards the opposing sex and emerges as a strong opponent in a discussion.

Saturn in Gemini
The planets Mercury and Saturn are friends with each other. The presence of Saturn in Gemini makes and fills a person with happiness and joy. Such a person is meant to have many good friends or keep a friendly relationship with people. Moreover, they enjoy a good and healthy time with their friends and also get profits.

Saturn in Cancer
Saturn and the Moon are not close friends, and since Cancer is the sign that the Moon rules, no one can benefit from Saturn's position when in the Cancer zodiac. Even though their bodies may be frail, such individuals do not back down from harming others due to their egotism.

Saturn in Leo
Leo is ruled by the planet Sun. By the way, Sun and Shani have been considered father and son, but these two planets are the ultimate enemies of each other. It is not considered good for Shani to be situated in Sun's sign Leo. Those who have this coincidence in their horoscope have to bear defamation at the social level and there are differences with the people of the house.

Saturn in Virgo
The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Mercury and Mercury and Saturn are friends. The presence of Saturn in its friend's sign makes the person successful in business and profession. Such people are logical and they also have a good hold in mathematical subjects.

Saturn in Libra
Venus-Saturn is friends with the libra zodiac. It explains why Saturn's location in Libra elevates a person's status in society. Such a person never lacks money, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand. Moreover, their life is full of amenities, comforts, and conveniences. 

Saturn in Scorpio
If the planet Saturn is situated in the Scorpio zodiac owned by Mars, then the native has to face challenges in many areas of life. The concentration of such a person is not strong, although these people love to stay away from home and travel. Therefore, in such a case it becomes important for a person to seek some effective solutions and astrological remedies by opting to talk to astrologer online hassle-free anytime.       

Saturn in Sagittarius
The presence of Saturn in the Sagittarius sign which is ruled and owned by the planet Jupiter is considered extremely auspicious. Such people are very tolerant and they also have a good ability to lead with everything they take in hand. 

Saturn in Capricorn
Capricorn is Saturn's own sign, the presence of Saturn in its own sign makes a person hardworking. However, based on their level of hard work, such people do not get results every time. As a result of this, these natives are very enough honest to attract people towards them with their words.

Saturn in Aquarius
This is the second sign of the zodiac which is considered to be owned by the planet Saturn. Shani in Aquarius is considered auspicious and it provides many comforts to the person. Moreover, these natives able to establish their own place and reputation in society with their skills and knowledge.

Saturn in Pisces
It is auspicious to have the placement of Saturn in Pisces owned by Jupiter. Due to the presence of Saturn conjoined with Jupiter, a person gets success in various fields. Thus, these people are so able to leave their footprints on the hearts of others with their influencing creativity and nature.  

To know more about your personality traits based on the position and placement of Saturn or Shani in your Zodiac sign must consult yearly horoscope by date of birth.  

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