How Should You Maintain Your Budget 2023 As Per Lal Kitab?

 How Should You Maintain Your Budget 2023 As Per Lal Kitab?

Let us tell you that no wealth is bigger than Pariksham. But money is needed to acquire worldly things. And due to the rising inflation day by day, it is becoming very difficult for a person to buy all those luxury items. It is self-evident that one needs to Save money for expenditures on luxury items and accessories. Which in turn strengthens the economic sector hence projecting the GDP of a country to remain stronger. Now the question is how one can achieve that in Astrological terms. So, you have to adopt a few measures to maintain and enhance your Budget per Lal Kitab.
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Importance of Lal Kitab
Basically, Lal Kitab is a unique book based on independent and fundamental principles of Astrology. It also has some such specialties which are different from other theoretical and practical results of astrology. Along with this, there is a remedy for the native in Lal Kitab, with the help of which the native can improve his life. Along with this, there are many ways to earn money in Lal Kitab, with the help of which one can improve one’s economic status. 

Ways to improve your budget through Lal Kitab: 
Offerings to Hanuman Ji 
According to Lal Kitab, you should visit the Hanuman temple daily and offer water to Peepal. With this, you should offer ‘Chola’ to Hanuman ji. If you cannot visit the Hanuman temple every day, then you must visit the temple every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Yellow clothes or religious book textbooks should be donated to the temple priest or to the teachers.   

Ekadashi fasting
According to Lal Kitab, you should fast on Ekadashi Pradosh or Thursday to get wealth. Along with this, yellow clothes should be worn. And applying saffron turmeric tilak daily is beneficial. Along with this, applying Ghee on the navel is beneficial for the native. One should avoid eating salt on Thursday.

Idol of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi
According to Lal Kitab, for an increment in wealth, you must put a picture of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi in your house. This will benefit you a lot and start worshipping them daily. Along with this, you should light an oil lamp in front of the idol of Maa Lakshmi for 11 days. This will benefit you a lot.

With the Panchamrit bath and sandalwood paste, Shaligram should be worshipped. This will be very advantageous to you.

What to do on Friday? 
One should offer Red flowers every Friday in Lord Vishnu Laxmi temple. This helps you in earning money and you also get a lot of benefits. You should anoint Lord Vishnu by filling water in the Dakshinavarti conch on Friday, this helps you with an abundance of wealth.

Flour and Jaggery Remedy
Take 5.5 kg flour and jaggery and make chapatis by mixing both. And the cow should be fed on Thursday evening. This remedy should be done every 3rd Thursday, it will benefit you a lot.

Barley remedy
If you are facing problems related to money, then you should keep barely in a vessel under your bed at night towards the head. Also, after waking up in the morning, barley should be fed to an animal or donated to a needy person. And all the members of the house should eat in the kitchen only. 

Apart from this, before serving the food, one part must be taken out for the crow and the second part for the dog, and the third for the cow. Feeding a dog with ghee on roti every Saturday helps to get rid of all the problems related to money and the native will be beneficial. 

Ways to increase wealth
Pray to Goddess Lakshmi before keeping the square piece of silver, silver tablet, and silver elephant along with money in your pocket or wherever you keep cash, such as in the safe or cupboard of the house. By doing this remedy your financial status becomes good. Increases. The development of the family members occurs concurrently with this. 

Feed Black Dog 
Lal Kitab states that a black dog should be given oil chapati on Saturday. Your blocked funds are released by doing so. In case of any emergency or when the ways don’t work for you just consult our online astrologers.  

Money Remedies
Lal Kitab advises keeping gold and saffron in the same location as money. This ensures that Goddess Lakshmi's blessings are constantly kept intact. 
Try to follow the above remedies sincerely and in case of any disbalance in your monetary budget seek astrology online consultation with a 100% privacy promise.     

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