How Share Market is Connected to Astrology?

 How Share Market is Connected to Astrology?

One of the biggest draws for people looking to quickly earn money at the top of the market is dealing in shares and engaging in share trading. In contrast, luck in the stock market might create someone like Warren Buffet, Harshad Mehta, or Ketan Parikh. Simply put, luck in the stock market has the power to drastically change someone's entire life.

However, one must first determine whether this business is a good fit for their luck or not. Share market astrology is a subject that can predict a person's success or failure in the stock market. For individuals trying their luck in the stock market, share market prediction is the best advice. 

Let us know the astrological analysis of the share market. Find out the ways to get profits in the share market according to your horoscope and planetary positions.
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What is the Share Market? 
The act of Buying and selling of shares takes place on the stock market. An ownership unit of the company you purchased a share from is represented by a share. To put it simply, the stock market is a marketplace where buyers and sellers can transact on publicly traded shares at particular times of the day. Share market and stock market are frequently used interchangeably.

Importance of share market in Astrology
The stock market is no less than a lottery. But the fate of the person is very important in this. According to astrology, the bad effects of Rahu and Moon can drown a person's money in the stock market.

On the other hand, due to the positive effects of Jupiter/Mercury, the native gets profits in the stock market.

Stock market and Planetary positions
The fifth, eighth, and eleventh house in the horoscope of the native creates the possibility of sudden monetary gain. Therefore, if these houses are strong in a person's horoscope, then the boom in the stock market proves beneficial for them.

Relation of nine planets with the stock market
Planet Sun: The position of the Sun gives benefits in treasury, mutual funds, wood, and medicine market.

Planet Moon: Due to the correct position of the Moon, the person 
Benefits in this business: things related to glass, milk Vastu. 

Mars: If the dasha of Mars is good in the horoscope of the native, then the native gets to profit in these markets – tea, minerals, land, building, coffee, etc.

Mercury: Mercury is related to import-export, banking, and cooperation.

Planet Jupiter: This planet is associated with traders of grain, economic sector, gold, brass, etc.

Venus: The strong position of Venus gives profits in the business related to sugar, rice, cosmetics, the film industry, and the chemical sector.

Saturn: Saturn is associated with the business of black goods, factories, industry, iron, petroleum, etc.

Rahu and Ketu: Both these planets are associated with the ups and downs of the market, foreign goods, and electronic sector. To know more about the business you can consult our online astrologers       

These planets cause profit or loss in the stock market

➡ If the fifth house and its lord are in a strong position in the horoscope, then the native gets immense success in the share market.

➡ Even if the planet Rahu is in a favorable condition, the person gets great success in the stock market.

➡ If the planet Jupiter is favorable, the native gets to profit in the commodity market.

➡ The native gives good advice related to the stock market when the planet Mercury is favorable.

➡ If Sun-Rahu-Chandra-Rahu planets or Guru-Rahu yoga is formed in the horoscope, then money should not be invested in the share market.

➡ If the planet Rahu is situated in the money house of the horoscope, then the person suffers financial losses in the stock market.

➡ If Rahu is situated in the center of the horoscope, then the person gets great success in the stock market. But he soon becomes penniless.

Remedies for the Share Market

Rahu Yantra: Rahu planet resides in Rahu Yantra amulet. Keeping it with you can save you from every trouble. And money also has benefits.

Feeding green fodder to the cow: If you want to earn more money, then the cow should be fed green fodder.

Donation of goats: To win in the share market, goats should be donated.

Remedy for Wednesday:  Green-colored things should be donated to needy people on Wednesday.

Feeding animals and birds: Feed animals and birds by giving them food and water timely. 

Copper things: Wearing a copper thing brings wealth.

For more remedies and ways to make your investment worthwhile, you can directly consult or talk to astrologer online.  


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