How does your Zodiac Sign Relate To Your Power Colors?

 How does your Zodiac Sign Relate To Your Power Colors?

Have you ever wondered how different colors play an important role in building our personality to raise our confidence? Indeed yes. For example, you might have noticed every color has some unique essence and fragrance and positive energies imbibed. Colors like an orange that splits optimism and enthusiasm, white is known for purity and peace while blue soothes the mind and soul and hence imparts energies. So, the auspicious colors belonging to you can be known from janam kundli in hindi by expert Astrologers. 

This indicates the significant impact that colors have on a person's physical and emotional well-being. As this vibrant universe was made by the ultimate God with colorful and calming colors. Thus, this remarkable relationship between humans and color is known as color psychology which has been shown to reveal personality, choices, a person's mood, behavior, emotions, etc. 

Similarly, in Astrology, there are a total of 12 zodiac signs, and something special is definitely associated with each astrological sign. One can know about various aspects and exuding such as one’s behavior, nature, intelligence, different ways of working and reacting, and future estimations. You get to know every big and small detail about you and the person you love and value. 

In the same way, Auspicious and powerful colors have been mentioned for all the 12 zodiac signs by our Myastroguruji experts. Isn’t it interesting, now? So just check out your luck and power-boosting colors by following monthly prediction by date of birth. Okay, so do you know which is your lucky color according to your zodiac sign? Read to find out. 

Aries Lucky Color

The first sign of the zodiac ruled by Mars is Aries. The bright color for the natives of this zodiac is Red. The red color symbolizes love, energy, and fertility. These colors remain active and indicate alertness when needed.

Taurus Lucky Color

The zodiac sign of the earth element is Taurus whose auspicious and lucky color is Green. Their auspicious color is dark green or light blue like a forest or the color made from the combination of yellow and green is auspicious for these natives. This color is also meant to be lucky for people born in the month of May.

Gemini Lucky Color 

The auspicious color of Gemini is Yellow which symbolizes intelligence, mind, and inspirational thoughts. If you are depressed and of a shy kind then you should use yellow as much as possible. This color generates optimistic thoughts in the mind.

Cancer lucky Color 

The power-boosting color for the people of the Cancer zodiac is white, the color of silver shadow on white gives them the most benefits. The lord of this zodiac is Moon which controls one’s mind and emotions. 

Leo Lucky Color 

The lord of Leo is the planet Sun. Sun is known for granting success on the basis of karmic deeds. Therefore, it is believed that the king of the nine planets 'The Sun' showers its blessings on hardworking people. As a result, Golden, Orange, and Dark yellow colors in Astrology are known to be auspicious and lucky fetching in nature for Leo's native. 

Virgo Lucky Color 

The auspicious color of the Virgo zodiac sign of earth element is dark Brown. In addition, the dark blue color plays a vital role for these natives. Blue is a strong color that is known to instill confidence in a person and brings balance to one's life.   

Libra Lucky Color 

The auspicious color of the Libra zodiac is Pink, which is ruled by the planet Venus known for elegance and beauty. The lucky charm color of this zodiac is light Yellow which is a symbol of peace and happiness. 

Scorpio Lucky Color 

Mars is the lord of the Zodiac Scorpio and the power color for these natives is Maroon whereas, their auspicious color can also be considered Black. 

Sagittarius Lucky Color 

The auspicious color of Sagittarius can vary from deep Blue to Violet. Both these colors are known to instill confidence in a person. If someone is going through stress then both these colors work miracles in providing peace to that person's mind.

Capricorn Lucky Color 

Saturn's zodiac sign Capricorn needs a tough, stable, and reliable complexion. So the auspicious color of this zodiac is Back and Dark Brown.

Aquarius Lucky Color 

Aquarius the air element zodiac sign people can go to any extent to get success in their life. The auspicious color of this zodiac is light Blue and dark Blue.

Pisces Lucky Color 

The lord of Pisces is Jupiter, a planet of optimism and success. The fortunate and boosting color for this zodiac is violet. Apart from this, the auspicious color of this zodiac can also be water blue, white, and lavender.

Compatibility of Colors 

The role of color has always been emphasized for years from treating diseases to celebrating occasions everywhere. Therefore, one should adapt to the compatibility of colors in an Astrological manner or as suggested by Vedic experts. Now as you come to know which color is most auspicious for you according to your zodiac sign, try to adhere to your power colors as much as possible because these colors bring positivity into your life and are meant to solve problems you are stuck with. For more details follow your daily horoscope in hindi



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